Monday, November 30, 2009

Enjoy The Silence

I have been enjoying the silence on the blog.
The rest of my life has been incredibly busy.
I have enjoyed
  • A Tori Amos concert with her and her at the Opera House. A wonderful night with dinner and drinks at the Opera Bar and a fantastic Concert aimed squarely at the fan.
  • An impromptu knitting get together with a particular out of towner and a few friends (yes there were more but I am being slack).
  • Work Christmas parties and other work associated events.
This week it is dh's birthday (more like a mini-festival) with much events

  • Yesterday we checked out the Illawarra Fly as a birthday treat - it has amazing views (yesterday was a tad hazy). The tower is actually ok to walk up being much less daunting than it looks (it's the walk back up the hill that will shock you). The signage from Wollongong is not fantastic and bickering carloads can easily miss the minimal turn off signage.
  • We also checked out the Grand Pacific Drive and the Royal National Park which had me revisiting or at least passing some places I spent lots of time at as a kid. My childhood had us spending time on this stretch of coast between Coledale (Camping) and Stanwell Park (picnics and swimming). I in particular love the park at Stanwell Park and the beaches at Coledale and Austinmere are always delightful for a swim. During high School (When cars became a standard in the social activity) we ventured into the national park to Audley (Hiring Boats) and Garie Beach most weekends in Summer.
  • Later this week there is nights out with friends, dinner for just the two of us and a family breakfast.
My knitting has been limited to odd bursts on Socks for O and the Mountain view Cardigan (which I have had to undo as a result of guage concerns) which is about 3 rows in on the second attempt.

The majority of my craft time has been spent spinning. Most notably I finally completed plying these yarns tonight. I have also started a Christmas Present for a family member in a gorgeous Carnival Like Colourway from Ewe Give me The Knits.

Enjoy the pictures, hope your silly season is hectic with fun and not stress!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highlights on the Journey.

Sandy Bizys is on Parramatta Road at Annandale. The window displays of hats and dresses and shoes are always a highlight of my trip to work (when I bus it in).

The Studio has 2 window displays always filled with the most gorgeous fifties and sixties vintage or inspired outfits.

Currently they have a wonderful Black fifties style dress with a velvet front panel. Photos from the bus are hard work as I never seem to be stopped at a great angle for a quick snap.
Recently a gorgeous display featured a fifties style full skirt dress with (I believe hand-painted) bluebirds around the bottom.

In addition to the dresses they have a fantastic range of accessories and hats a great place to explore.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spinning and The Silly Cat

Life has been busy in my neck of the woods and today will be no exception.
I have managed to fit in a little spinning though.
The fruits of my labour approx 100g of lovely purple yarn

The Cat has been busy too. Her favourite way to wake us up is to empty the bottom shelf of the bookcase. We were both so tired this morning we didn't even notice.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Knitting is Scarce and Hot Days are great for Drying

Spun Yarn that is

On the Left the most recently spun bobbin and on the right the yarn that I have spun. Still a little slubby but this is getting less and less.
On the knitting front lots of ideas building not much execution.