Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goats in Newtown

Tonight heading home from the Morris and Sons S'n'B what did I see on
King Street. A man walking a dog and 2 goats. Not sure if they were
good quality fibre bearing or not! But it was quite a sight.

They stopped near the lane between the African restaurant and the
church as my bus was pulling out of the stop so I didn't get a photo!

Anyone else spotted them out and about in Sydney's inner-west.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adventures in the Project Queue or That Will Teach Me To Open My Mouth

Yes, that was me bragging at knitting camp on the weekend about only knitting cardigans and jumpers for the immediate family members.

I then went on to say my queue was my own and I could fill it with fun and frivolous projects for me. I said that dh only wanted one plain jumper in rib in 5 ply (completed a few years back) and never wanted another one. Thus I was able to knit cardigans and jumpers for myself to my hearts content. I have spent the months leading up to winter queueing socks and shawls as well as cardigans and jumpers...thinking I can easily add to my wardrobe this winter have some fun with knitting for me.

Can you see where this is headed dear friends? Is it clear I was setting myself up for a surprise at least if not a fall.

So this morning dh stands in the bedroom and says I need another jumper. Right now! Obviously this is not achievable, but it will be an act of love. With his sensitivities - it will be in 4 or 5 ply. Another long project skips to the top of the immediate to do list. Did i mention he likes plain PLAIN jumpers. I might be able to talk him into a simple cable...but in all likelihood it will be a rib or stocking stitch jumper.

An idea occurs a good excuse to order some new Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn though.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitting Camp Update (The Obligatory Post)

Knitting Camp was a star-studded affair

Frida Kahlo and Queen Victoria made special appearances

Blogging Royalty was in attendance.

Missy Fee missyfee had to take this photo it was a truly special moment.

What is the collective noun for a group of bloggers?

RoseRed , Bells, kms, Randomknits, Knitabulous, Jejune's

Is there a collective noun for a group of knitters - a purl perhaps or a bobble?
As well as knitting by the fire there was much knitting in the sun. I have a relatively lopsided sunburn on my left arm and the left back of my neck to show for it.

Quite a few others joined us on for the weekend or parts thereof. Spending time with some I already knew, meeting many I knew on line only (and trying to remember their real names and online names) as well as meeting a lot more very talented knitters - It was a wonderfully enjoyable weekend, if somewhat exhausting - I manged 2 rows in the evening whilst attempting to watch TV.

Leftover Stripey Socks

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funky Tank for Bub

So a colleague is leaving this week to go on Maternity Leave.

When i first met her she was not a fan of knitted things on babies and kids (she has a daughter who is a toddler).

After sitting next to me for 12 months she has become a big fan of knitted gifts, this is mainly due to the colours and styles i knit (especially for kids) she was given lots of things in white and lemon when her daughter was born (and I mean lemon not yellow).

I have perhaps created a small but delightful burden for myself as her mother has now been commissioned to complete some items for her new addition in finding something i can knit her.

I have decided to give her something for later on (closer to 6-9 months) in some different colours. (She is having a boy)

The Pattern is Zoe Mellor's Funky Tank top striped in Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in Maritime, Teal, Fennel and Latte.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed sock number one complete!

Knitting time has been maximized this weekend. First up watching
Collingwood on the tv Friday night. Then the Inner-city Guild meeting
on Saturday. Great fun and I got a few repeats through the leg.

High tea at the extrodinarily friendly Harrogate teas at Pyrmont
extended through the aftenoon. Great chat with some old friends and a
little indulgence. Absolutely worth a visit. We will be back.

Time in front of the tv Saturday night with the family.

The real knitting time boost this weekend came from the three hours
earlier than the rest of the house i was up Saturday and four hours
Sunday for work calls.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Knitting Retreat is On and Personal Sock Club 2009

Quick update. Negotiated the weekend and Friday afternoon off so all
set for the retreat next weekend. Now to plan the knitting options.
Decisions, decisions.....

I have just cast on the next Personal Sock Club Project. The yarn is
challenging as I want to show off the lovely colours, whilst still
knitting something new. I have cast on for Bed Socks in Lemon Pattern
Fancy Knit Stripe. The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy
Bush. I hope it knits up well in the yarn.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anniversary Socks Complete!

So today is our anniversary and the socks are completed (just) in time. Both pairs.
I am really pleased with the striping on the Purple socks and the colour in the green is truly stunning.

The pattern with minor variations for his pair creates a lovely open lace in the front.

The cast on (around 2 needles) provides a really stretchy cuff.

I can now return to the regular program of the 2009 Personal Sock Club.
I do have a baby knit for a colleague to complete as well (another interruption)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Stash Update

I have been very lazy lately in keeping up with my very few stash updates.
Nearly all has been small pick ups -

Knittingness' Stall at Glebe Markets on Easter Saturday where i picked up Elizabeth (Sock Yarn) from Wired For Fibre in Valour (Purple) and some fibre (because I will actually use the spinning wheel this year!) in Vineyard hand painted by Cathy (it is just stunning - purples, greens and blues...)

13 balls of Grignasco Tango in Purple from Clegg's Sale in late March/April.

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Siobhan (Purple - who would have thought it)

So that is 2 more skeins of sock yarn for my ever exapanding collection. Do i really need more sock yarn.

Yummy photos....

Ok so I have just exported my Ravelry collection to Excel to do some manipulation.

I have 180 skeins and balls of sock yarn
This equates to 14 kgs or 52,000 metres...

This is with a strategy this year of only buying sock yarn from independent sources (in person) or from destash.

Friday, April 10, 2009

First blog from THE NEW iPhone

Lots of fun to be had today.

Yummy Yarn and fibre from knitness @ Glebe this morning.

An hour without mobile connectivity whilst I upgraded to the new
snazzy iPhone.

Love it already!

By the way finished his Anniversary socks and cast on my second sock.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The week that stretched and galloped at the same time

This week has been a long week at work but has galloped by in terms of knitting time.

Four days off work this weekend will no doubt make that a good thing.

Today one of the ladies in waiting leaves and I have finally sewn on Elijah's Eyes. Looks great. Hope she likes him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Anniversary Socks....The Diversion Continues

Knitting was few and far between this week with work taking over a heap of time.
(And some this weekend between Saturday morning lessons for O and Swans tickets tonight.

But I did just finish The First Green Anniversary Sock - the colour is just gorgeous.
Slightly bigger in the green - but there is some striping on the foot. Yes I haven't continued the pattern on the foot as dh likes his socks plain, plain plain. Colourful..but stocking stitch on the foot.

Upcoming Events the Sydney Film Festival Subscription forms finally turned up.
It is a little shorter this year running from th e3rd - 14th of June.