Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Knitting

This morning I started my day with some knitting. Each year during the film festival I have a dedicated project - normally this is socks as they are portable, easy to work on in small bursts and generally plain and able to be knitted in the dim lighting of the State Theatre.

This year I am up for a challenge (Challenge CHALLENGE)

I have a big project on the go I am knitting the Susie Hoodie in Cascade Heathers - Purple Jewel. The progress so far is shown below - measurement at seamless seems is 23cm.

The pattern is not complex being mainly stocking stitch. It is only the cable, the bias shaping and waist shaping on different repeat numbers being opportunities for error. I am really happy with the colour (surprise) but also the drape and construct of this pattern.

To totally call out the challenge I am going to finish this project by the end of the Film Festival (Big call) but it has been going quite well with limited knitting time. I will update with the measurement of the knitting each day as we progress through June (specifically the Film Festival).

It is also my first project using spit splicing following a wonderful presentation at the Inner City Guild in April (Thanks Web-Goddess and Vintage Grrl for a fabulous lesson).

Film Festival Guests

Check here for a list of the announced guests for the festival.

One of the things I love about the Sydney Film Fesival (SFF or #sydfilmfest on twitter) is it's range of guests. This year the international guests include Ewan McGregor and Shirley Henderson who was unforgetable as Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter Franchise and Bridget Jones.

Henderson is one of the cast in Todd Solondz' "Life During Wartime" a sequel (with a new cast) to his controversial film "Happiness". I am sure the Q&A will be fascinating. One of my favourite actresses from The West Wing - Allison Janney also stars (alas she is not listed as coming to town).

McGregor is starring in Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" which will probably sell out now that he is turning up. Should be brilliant.

The major speculation is if Kirsten Stewart - who was in town today - whether there will be an appearance at either of the Screenings of The Runaways - where she plays Joan Jett. There has been no announcement so I suspect not.


Today has been a day of preparations and anticipation.

Preparations for taking a week and a half off work for the film festival. This consisted of clearing emails and lots of meetings. (More tomorrow!) Also of telling people when I would be away and when i would be returning.

Preparations for The Sydney Film Festival. Flicking through the program, confirming the location of my subscription passes that have been moved around the dining room a few times. Rechecking the changes to the schedule. Most of all just generally getting excited.

Lastly preparing (and anticipating) the June Busy Blogfest. Daydreaming of ideas that might eventuate into a blog. Also making sure the camera is charged for the right photo.

So I leave you tonight looking forward to the beginning of June and my Busy Blogfest companions LynS and Fee...and perhaps one other may join us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeling Knitabulous- Acid Test, Miss Magenta & Jacaranda Avenue

June Busy Blogfest

Last night LynS made the comment that she was planning to blog for every day in June as her life was so busy. I too am feeling the effects of a busy life at the moment, work has been incredibly crazy and my reaction has been to blog less. I find I am missing it and need a kick to really get back to thinking about it. As I will be continuing my tradition of blogging the film-festival every day I thought I would join Lyn in her plan to blog daily.

Blogging Plan

Sydney Film Festival 3rd (for me) - 14th of June
I will be trying to return to the 2008 Festival hey day - as apparently that was more memorable than the 2009 reviews.

Knitting Project - Susie Hoodie
The newly started, frogged and restarted Susie Hoodie. I will be trying to get through a reasonable amount of this jacket/coat in worsted weight yarn over the month of June.

I will be trying to get back into a more comprehensive Spinning effort. I have done very little in May (pretty much Since around the Birthday party in early May) when the wheel was put in a corner and has yet to re-emerge.

So I hope I can live up to the plan.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monogomous Knitting and Stash Excavation

Since the completion of the Cardi and Socks I have been monogomously knitting La La's Simple Shawl in Wollemeise in a Teal, Brown, Navy, Green colourway. It is quite dark in tone and I need daylight to photograph it well. Work and family life have been busy so my knitting time has been limited so I just over halfway through (The target being knit to the end of the skein - about 570 yards in fingering weight).

But I do have some pics for you. I am planning to knit a Susie Hoodie and have had some Cascade 220 sitting aside for it for quite a while. I couldn't remember where it was and I had to pull out some bags and boxes stored in wardrobes and bookcases.

The result of my stash excavation
  • The Cascade
  • Hand-dyed yarn from our trip to Tassie about 3 years ago
  • Some miscellaneous yarn that needs to be sorted and stored properly.
Isn't the Cascade a gorgeous colour!

This is the hand-dyed 8 ply we picked up in Tassie. I really must do something with it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I have had this cardigan on my radar for a while, I have even had the yarn (The Knittery Silky Merino DK in a gorgeous Purple). Last night I finished the cardigan and I absolutely love it. I need to press the sleeves a little but that won't take much and it looks fabulous over a dress.

Stardust from Knitty

We are Stardust!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Socks, Sock Clubs and Colour

This week has definitely been about the socks. At the end of last week I recieved the last of the Needlefood Sock Club Pacakages the colourway is gorgeous blues and ice like blue/greys and the extras were highlighted by the Smiggle three zippered/sectioned pouch. Absolutely Fabulous

This week another package arrived (not so sock focused). I won the monthly draw that Ewe Give Me The Knits has based on a Monthly Spin Challenge Theme (Remember the gorgeouos wine coloured yarn from last month.). So Friday I recieved this wonderful package. Superwash Merino/Bamboo Nylon in Purles/Blues and Blacks some bright mohair curls and Rainbow Dyed Firestar...Shiny.

Last weekend we had a campout in the backyard for O's birthday and I had a tie-dying session with the kids at the start of the party (and we sent them home with a T-shirt instead of a lolly bag). The results can be seen below with some gorgeous t-shirts as a result. The Big Red item is the fluffiest (shedding) Dressing Gown that was a birthday present from her grandmother...Too much fun.

Back to the socks.. a renewed love of sock-knitting has moved the Hokey-Pokey socks (in a gorgeous Needlefood colourway) for O to finished. Yay!

Now to finish the Stardust Cardigan.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Knitting Progress and Looking forward to the FIlm Festival

As a result of a massive birthday party here for O we have had a bit of an interruption in knitting.

I have just last night managed to complete the sleeves finally for the Stardust Cardigan. I now have the pieces blocking for sew up either thursday or friday night. (Wishful blocking!). Photos when I get some decent light. I am loving the colour and the yarn (Knittery DK Silk Merino - alas no longer available)

I have moved on to the absolutely no thinking plain socks in needlefood for O (They have taken much much longer than I planned so I thought I would try to be faitfhful for a bit. This of course has resulted in pattern searching, purchasing and downloading.

I do have the yarn for the featherweight cardigan all rolled into balls. Hmmmm...distraction.

P.S Sydney Film Festival program announced yesterday and the guide will be in Friday's SMH. Just under a month to much film-going fun.
Early standouts (at a glance) expect more once I have had a chance to devour the program.

Jan Hrebejk's
Kawaski's Rose as his previous films have always been enjoyable
Gaylene Preston's Home by Christmas