Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Bags

I started a random bag last friday and put it in to felt this Friday (With Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day in the middle) . Woo hoo - very quick to knit with the new Knit Picks Harmony interchangeables (lovely to knit on).

It's very close to complete - just waiting for it to dry.
It's using the Spotlight Basics Harvest which felted really quickly (in less than 2 wash cycles).
It's currently drying upside down on some tissue boxes in a plastic bag. and looks an absolute treat.
Dh has offerred to put the grommets in. I have some other colours to knit this up in as well - one purples and one naturals. The original pattern calls for Cascade 220 - I would love to try this pattern in the Cascade just to see how it felts.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Wrap Up

Tea Sets and Party Flags all knitted and nearly wrapped ready for a big suprise for a little girl and her mother. As they are spending some time in transit I hope these will be appreciated.

I am sure they will. I procrastinated and started a felted bag rather than finish sewing up the flags. Why do i do that?

The end result is magnificent though the colours of the Bendigo Cotton are magic together. Now on to knitting for me - no more deadlines.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas

Christmas preparations in this house are running a little behind schedule.

Ok a lot.....

The list is reducing slowly but running up against my days off (Friday/Monday). I was hoping to have more of it done before having to face the bone-crushing crowds. I hate the bone-crushing crowds.

I made a beeline to the Sydney CBD @ lunch to go to the TOY Departments of Myer and DJs - yes I know - WHAT WAS I THINKING?

They have a train in Myers for the kids to ride - a train. It's madness...madness I tell you.

At least I have wrapped everything we have so far.

Must write Christmas Cards...and post tonight...Late very late.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And Now the Yarn Diet (After the Yarn Haul!)

All my pre-christmas orders are in (and the extra yarn from the tea-cosy swap). I am now officially on a yarn diet until well into the new year. I need to clear out some of the stash.

I have enough sock yarn to keep this family in hand-knitted socks for some years to come (and a few other families I expect).

I am expecting a Rockin Sock Club shipment in December/January for the completion of the 2007 club, and I have signed up for 2008 again (but Sock Club doesn't count right!)
The Knittery Yarn (The Purples) have come up a little blue in this but I have one each of Royal Velvet, Amethyst and Purple Night and the Rancos at the back........Love love love Sock Yarn.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tea Cosy Swap Yippee (Claping Hands)

Well imagine my surprise on a grey wet Sydney day when I was greated with 2 parcels at the door.

I was expecting one of them (from the knittery!!!) but the other was a complete surprise and a fantastic way to stop my day being so grey.

My Tea Cosy Swap Parcel had arrived from the amazingly talented knitwytch.

You can see the tea cosy in action on right (can you spot the bee?) Such embroidery and colour.

I have had such fun pulling all the things out.
Dilmah tea in four flavours, Lindt & Black and Greens Chocolate (yum)
and extremely yummy the fantastic lime & green bag and matching kittyknits yarn (waterlily colourway).
Lucky Me!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stash Multiplier and Volunteering

Ravelry is officially a stash multiplier. Just check out this stash enhancer (well i helped a little) pack of acquired yarns this week. I am looking forward to much knitting with this little bounty.

Ravens, Silk Thread, Silk Ravens, Sea Wool and Casbah colourful stuff.

Other news has seen me volunteer to co-ordinate the next Ravelry Australian Knitting Group swap. I am looking forward to it - a bag theme. We have just boosted the group members to 500, so if we encourage this could be a decent sized group. Lots of anticipation and interest building over christmas with the kick off in January.


I have managed to get totally motivated this week. The big theme has been christmas presents.

Using the leftover yarn from the Elephant Toy Bag I have knitted up some party flags for my SIL and her little one for Christmas.

I have just started on a tea set for my two nieces. (One each). I have finished the main part of cup one - started late last night and finished this morning.

There is a fair bit of sewing in of ends over the next few weeks to do, but it should come to gether brilliantly. The colours are fantastic (All Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply).

Monday, December 3, 2007

Elephant Toy Bag

' Tis Done 'Tis Done the Toy Bag is done.

And it LOOKS FABULOUS if i do say so myself.
We managed to pick fantastic colours that look great together.

The draw string style ties look pretty great too.
Although the other half said I should have sewed them to the opposite side to make the opening and closing easier.

I have moved on to the Sea Breeze and No Vine Stocking Stitch socks and some 8 ply cotton party flags/bunting for my SIL and niece for Christmas.