Thursday, January 31, 2008

And another project cast on...stripy socks

And so I cast on yet another project some baby booties/socks.

They are cute and easy to make (except for the weaving in of the ends).
I also need to make a hat.

They look great in the 2 blues and yellows.

And here we have some of the sweater sampler last weeks excercise in a little procrastination.

All I have to ask is start-i-tis a real disease...cause if so I got a near fatal dose.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Much to Do (And Not Enough Time)

I officially have too many projects on the go.
I have started many projects but finished very few so far.

7 pairs of socks on the go 1 each of 2 pairs complete, 3 in progress 1 to start to complete a pair.
I have managed to start and finish the sweater sampler over the long-weekend.

I have started 3 (Count 'em 3) bags to confuse the bag-swap participants...and for my own insanity. I also have a cotton top and a cardigan on the go.

Where does that leave me - playing Playstation Lego Star Wars (The Original Series) as the TV is awful..and I usually knit in front of the TV.

I must just decide to finish a few....but I can't seem to settle.
Maybe February will bring some sanity.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tolerance and Expectations

Recent events have bought to the fore again my slack-jawed incomprehension of other peoples lack of tolerance and amazing ability to set expectations (sometimes very unrealistic expectations) of others without ever letting them know.

I am a well-educated person with quite a few years now managing people. The one message I have truly understood (after a few mistakes) is you can't have an expectation of someone else if they don't know about it and agree to it. Communication is key to any relationship - in person, online, work or personal.

Ok, I know society has a basic set of expectations (governed by law and rules in most societal groups).

What has set me off today is people participating willingly in an online community open to all and then either having an issue because others are not behaving to their expectations OR more bizarely thinking that they are not behaving, living up to an expectation they believe the group has of them (completely unstated).

Negotiation and Communication are basic skills that fewer people seem to have. Tolerance is a quality I was educated into and I am very proud of that trait. Don't get me wrong I am not perfect and have my own issues with individuals and groups alike...but it saddens me to see people cutting themselves off to opportunities and experiences due to prejudice and beliefs.

My learning for today - An individual benefits from a community by participating and adding and recieving value that is relevant to the individual, but the individual has to see it that way.

Anyway enough philosophising...back to the knitting.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Space - To Sit, Knit and Spin.

DH has been in reorganisation mode in our week off.

He has started with the lounge and study and has moved one of the Wing Back chairs in with a lamp overhead and the

speakers returned to the computer it will be an extra refuge for me and him when we need to get away somewhere. It looks fab.

He has used the space created in the lounge room to put the guitar and spinning wheel out..they look quite beautiful together.

With the Roll of Art Paper and the CD's behind it maes a quite attractive nook.

I love nooks and crannys for sitting, knitting, spinning, playing and dreaming.

Bag lady Swap Frenzy + Noropups in limbo

I have been busy with the logistics of getting the Bag-Lady swap (Ravelry Aussie Knitters) up and running. It has been challenging and we have had a few headaches and I am actually genuinely suprised that we have had very few personality issues - but nothing runs 100% smoothly and the odd hiccup is to be expected. It's good when you have a partner-in-crime to help sought it through.

I have started my bag which should be fine over here as, in theory, only my swap pal should wander over here for a proper look (Or have I)....and anyways it doesn't look much in bits. When I get to the finished object I will only flash just a corner.

It does look a little scary in pieces doesn't it?

My plan is to knit a couple of bags over the next 2 months so that I have a few to look at but no-one knows which is the realy bag-lady swap bag. I will flash bits of the bags...but not the whole thing. It will amuse me at least.

My poor noropups (as everyone has christened them have been a little neglected waiting commencement of the heel (soon my little friends).

I am off work with big plans of knitting and sewing and spent nearly 3 hours in spotlight at auburn yesterday (most of it in queues waiting to be served).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Colour me Noro

I have been working on the Noro and just wanted to share the colours. Winding this into a yarn-cake was a challenge it's stringy and snaggy but eventually it behaved.
Now I am knitting away and keep thinking purdy purdy colours....I am not sure what has invaded my head but I am sure you will agree ...purdy purdy colours.

Noro & Little Guys

I've finished the Little guys in a lovely Purple and Teal colourway from The Knittery.

I had a minor allergic reaction to something we had for breakfast yesterday (probably strawberry residue in whatever they made my smoothie in) that made me decidedly uncomfortable for most of the day. I was determined to finish these though and they took most of the day and evening. The telfast made me twice as vague and awkward as the allergic reaction but eventually all calmed down.

I can't wait until the neice picks them up - she is going to love them.

And now I move on to the NORO what a magic set of colours. Winding it i did notice it is very hard and the yarn itself is spun quite unevenly with lots of slubby bits through it...but the colours make up for everything.

When first we recieved them the colourways (this is 40 by the way) looked so different. But as I was winding them I noticed similar colours as Bex ( ball. It will be interesting to check out the different finished products.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Done - Sea Breeze and Vine

I galloped towards the finish line Midnight 2007. I had just the toe to do with 15 minutes to go.

Dh got up and turned the lights off. So I finished them first thing in the morning on January 1 2008 - but I finished them - the only socks of December basically.

And O the colours are magic - Teal and Purple. A lovely Knittery dye job - her colours are always yummy.

I am back on the SSS mission though and have already completed 1 sock fo a pair for my neice small but cute. I have made the feet garter to allow them to grow with her foot, should give her lots of extra use.