Monday, April 28, 2008

Seven Days of Knitting and Head Space

I am just coming to the final afternoon of seven days between jobs.

It has been an incredible calming experience and my mind is well rested.

I have been enjoying the prolific knitting experience over the last few days with a couple of finished projects and a new lace underway.

  • The Wool Silk Scarf in Green for Mothers Day - Complete

  • The Blue Scarf for my Neice's birthday - Complete (Must add fringe)

  • The Beanie for my Step-Daugthers Birthday - Complete

  • The Lace Scarf for me...started - Woo hoo.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

FO's and WIP's

I am currently working on a scarf that was to be for me.

I have since decided that the green is not quite the colour I want and have mentally re-assigned the gift to my mother for mother's day.

It's knitting up beautifully in the green colourway of the Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 ply

I have also completed the finishing touches (Sewing up and buttons) on the baby sweaters and presented them (or at least left them to be discovered) for the now former work colleagues. The reaction so far has been one of total delight. The Mirasol Hacho yarn is gorgeous.

The EZ sweater (kimono) Takes up a heap of yarn - needing more than 2 skeins (Thankfully the leftovers from the other sweater were just enough!!!). The other is easily finished in 2 skeins.

A Week of Yarn!

Monday, April 21, 2008

FO & Nearly FO's

I love when you finish some projects.

I have been knitting and sewing up a storm this weekend and the end result has been spectacular.
The first is "Another Bag" Completed this morning with minutes to spare for my MIL's birthday.
The lining material is the cutest Cat shots you ever did see.
The Middle is an EZ baby sweater in Mirasol Hacho looking like a matinee jacket.
The Right is another EZ baby sweater this time the Baby Surplice Jacket in Mirasol Hacho as well.
Both the EZ items will be finished tonight for gift giving tomorrow (last day in the current job).
Then I can get back to knitting for me (and Dh cause I think he wants some socks!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Babies and Departures

With the pending departure from my current job I have been busy - not sure with what.

Things have been quiet on the knitting front concentrating on completing a few EZ baby sweaters for colleagues who are all about to have babies...One is complete and already presented - the other two are all but done (with about 75% of the knitting done and some sewing up and buttons to do before Tuesday morning.

All achievable.

Alas that means I have no photos however, as I have been slack and not charged the batteries. I will have photos before they depart for good.

I also need to photograph the most recent stash enhancement with some
  • Country Silk 8 ply (In pink/purple and blue/purple as well as some green - for scarves)
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Twisted, Laci, Single Silk and some STR (socks...I have a weakness ok)
  • Some Knittery yarn in Chocolate and Grey (Lace) and some DK Silk in a tourquoise colourway.
  • On the way I have some Cascade 220 in Purple (Surprise!) and some Malabrigo from

Photos soon.

Oh yeah and the bag swap award prizes are on their way so hopefully they will arrive in the next week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cute Baby Sweater

So it is now all but finished - just some sewing to do.
It is a really easy pattern and very very cute.
The colours in the Mirasol Hacho has come up treat (this looks much darker than the garment in real life)

Onwards to the next one.

By the way - for those that are wondering I don't always delete comments. Just ones with a message to click here that send you to a site that installs malware on your computer.
Nice one idiot! (Who had only signed up for a blogger account in April) so beware.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bag Swap Award - Images & Maybe a bit more

I've had some fun putting together some images for bags and badges for awards.

The first and third are for images on either side of a tote bag.

The second (Which I have in a few colours) is probably going to end up on some buttons.

How cute are they!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Off to the Movies - Smart People

Whilst knitting baby clothes with the new haul (And they look very bright) has been my main knitting focus my non-knitting social life is taking a bit of a front seat (with leaving a job and all!)

Last night we went to the movies to see Smart People.

A fabulous cast led by Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church (My favourite) and Ellen Page (of Juno) manages to make a group of relatively unlikeable characters totally loveable. The story ark is soft but the dialouge and the acting more than surpass this short-coming. This film has you laughing, whilst squirming with discomfort at the same time.

This story of a widowed university/college professor and his highly intelligent dysfunctional family who spend their time criticising life rather than living it is well paced and a totally enjoyable film. Thomas Haden Church is one of the most undervalued actors of our time. He is always spot on whether he is playing annoying or vulnerable.

This was a preview screening presented for Clubink members - Filmink Subscribers who pay a little extra to get a film preview a month (and usually a bit more). I love this option as I see films I often wouldn't probably see, and quite a few I would.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cure for the Blahs

I am having a bit of a blah day at work (Most days this week).
I am currently winding down and waiting for other people before I get on with things, making it very mind-numbing at times.

This will all change in a couple of weeks, but right now I am in a painfully slow period.
To cheer myself up I went and baought some Mirasol Hacho for an EZ February Baby Sweater (from the Knitters' Almanac).
I love the colours in this wool just gorgeous - it cheered me up no end.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ambitious Projects Part Something-Million

I am nothing if not ambitious (Read ridiculous) in my goal setting.
I have just acquired the 8-ply cotton to complete 1 (ok 2 - oh alright 3) baby blankets.
The catch is I need to have them done in the next 2-3 weeks before I leave my current job.

Why? because they are presents for some colleagues having bubs.

So I should be knitting off to some more web-surfing.

By the way the yarn is the Cotton from Rainbow wools It's a little scratchier than Bendigo and The Lano Gatto Jaipur that I have used previously - I hope it softens after washing.