Saturday, May 30, 2009

Film Festival Schedule

A quick update on the Films for the Film Festival

My Schedule
Looking For Eric (Opening Night) - I bought a film only ticket. I am looking forward to this Ken Loach film.

The Maid - A Chilean film about a maid and her relationship with the family she lives with
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee -

In The Loop

The Burning Season
500 Days of Summer

The Beaches of Agnes
The Last Ride
Winged Creatures

The Missing Person
Prime Mover
Paper Soldier
Liza with A Z

Missing Water
Red Cliff

The Big Parade
Everlasting Moments

The September Issue

Every Little Step * Extra Ticket
Everyone Else
The Girlfriend Experience

Accidents Happen
Still Walking
Beautiful Kate
Cold Souls

Che I
Che II

I will blog about some of the films I am seeing in the next few days.

If it's Sunday it Must be Blocking Day

The diminished ribbed cardigan is finally cast off (Twice - because as we learnt at Morris and Sons the week before last finishing is everything). 300 plus stitches and a tubular cast off...lots of fun. The colour is just gorgeous -At least it was a windy, rainy cold Saturday morning so I wasn't missing much. And yes the finish is much better with the tubular cast off (Thank you 1funkyknitwit for your voice in my head!)

Once blocked I will reconfirm what type of closure I want on it.

Personal Sock Club #4 Sock 1 is complete and Sock 2 is cast on probably not enough time today to finish it still in May but we will keep going.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mad May

And so we are half way through the mad month of May
Which for me includes 3 family members birthdays, mother's day and of course the preparation for the June events of the Sydney Film Festival, WWKIP and the Craft and Quilt Fair.
(all these events conspire to occur on exactly the same weekend).

This year is extra mad due to a flury of extra work activity.

I have purchased my SFF Subscription.
Initially my biggest grumble is i have to pay to see Ken Loach's Looking for Eric as it is not in the subscription series.

There is a lot to look forward to.
Rachel Ward's beautiful Kate.
Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience and his two part Che biopic (Part 1 The Argentine, Part2 The Guerilla) with Benicio Del Toro
Steve Jacobs' follow up to la Spagnola Disgrace
Cold Souls staring Paul Giamatti looks interesting too.

I have to spend a bit more time on the documentaries but it looks like a good bunch.
Full Itinery (planned) up soon.

On the Knitting Front Diminished Rib Cardi is well developed in the body filling out the hips..with the sleeves hanging by a thread.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Knitting Gratification

There is nothing quite so gratifying as knitwear that is appreciated so much that within minutes of completing the blocking/giving it is on the recipient. The Stripey Leftover Socks have been loved, loved, loved so much so that they went on immediately and I am pretty sure were worn to bed.

I am almost at the seperation for the diminishing rib.

An Exchange that could only take place in a knitting household.
Dh: Why aren't you knitting my jumper?
Me: Mine was on the needles first.
Dh:(jokingly) We can take care of that.
Me: Only if you don't want a jumper

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FO - Personal Sock Club April/May - Bed Socks(About 10 days overdue)

The Bed socks are done. Yay in the second week of May i complete the personal Sock Club for April.

I have liberated the next selection and it is a Arucania Ranco Solid in Green. I need to contemplate a pattern, but it will probably be another pair for dh. He loves his plain stocking stitch socks but I thought I might see if I could do a toe up and incorporate some new techniques.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

FO - Stripey Leftover Socks

Started at Knitting Camp finished after a day of knitting with Guild in the morning and James Bond on the TV at night.

They do look quite effective with the black stripes and the multi colours of various leftover sock yarn. (Yes the ends are all woven in - thanks James Bond!)

Now to cast on Sock 2 for the April edition of the Personal Sock club, finish up the diminishing cardi and to rescue a few other hibernating projects before I start on the jumper for dh.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New rail at Sydney Town Hall?

Has there suddenly been a raft of people falling of the banisters at Town Hall Station? what is with the new Cream banister behind the old Sandstone?

Stripey Leftover Socks - The Yarns!

A quick update on the yarns used

Patonyle (Black)
From top to botom (on first use)
Purple Opal Solid
Yellow Knittery Cashmere/Merino (old) hand dyed
Blue Mix Patonyle
Fairisle Opal
Green Wollemeise
Fairisle Patonyle
Purple Wollemeise
Multi - Regia Clown
Grey Opal Cotton
Purple/Pink Tofutsies
Green/Mauve Silkie Socks that Rock
Fairisle Patonyle
Pinks/Purple Koigu (Thanks to Dr K)