Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Absent or Some Such

Life has been eventful.

Weeks without Internet.
Moving House...not quite finishing when dh is rushed to hospital.
A week of moving (Without dh) and hospital visits and not knowing.

Thankfully he is home, all is well, and recovering.
We have moved and finished off the other house.

So here I sit with an internet finally connected (after 4 complaint phone calls) and only one machine set up (we are still unpacking) and contemplating the lack of knitting in my life.

Good Knitting news - Film Festival Socks are finished and have been worn. I am half-way at least through the FLS.

Other events in recent weeks
Babies...many of them (1 to dh's best friend and his wife, 2 to a friend of mine, 2 to a former workmate of both my friend and I) and still I have not provided knitted goodness after a week.
Baby stuff is on the needles I just need to finish it and deliver.

Looking forward to
More Knitting
DH Recovering
The house gaining some semblence of normalcy
A weekend without unpacking, baby visits and with a healthy husband.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Post Apocalypse (or at least post move)

Ok so we are in the new house!
Surrounded by bags and boxes with very little idea where most things are.

Kitchen is about 40% done.
Bedroom is about 20% done.
Rest of the house is about 2% done.

Shed is about 0% done (with most of dh's stuff still at the old house to be moved this week or weekend!)

I love the new house it is kind of cosy in parts and has a great yard.
I hate the lack of internet access, the inability to find just about anything and the now endless job of unpacking ahead of us.

We also have to do a final clean of the old house.
Very little knitting - but i did get the GYC Swap article 2 complete...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

removal update....

My energy is at an all time low (I know anyone that has moved will recognise this!)
There is all the bits plus the everyday kitchen and clothes to go.

We then have dh's shed which I don't think he has even looked in.
The knitting has been done in one or two rows at a time.
So the GYC companion article is coming together in little grabs.

I really hate the BITS when packing.
Pencils, pens, recent mail, notices from school etc etc.

The boxing and labelling continues.
I just want it all over!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Little Boxes...Packing Starts in Ernest and a little bit of Knitting

With the onset of the weekend we have kicked into gear on the packing.
Boxes are starting to pile up..filed with books, books, and more books.

As well as the good dishes, casseroles, bakeware and serving plates and platters.
The glasses are getting wrapped and in the morning I will complete the books and glasses for the first day of actual moving.

I have yet to pack the loose yarn, but that is next.
With the move being short in distance (and having a built in at the other end) the plan is to take the hanging clothes as is...stack them in the back of a car and drive them between properties and put them straight in.

I am taking a break tonight to enjoy the Swans Vs Collingwood match in the flesh.

Oops..almost forgot the knitting. I have been knitting the companion item for my swap...shhhh...It's coming together really quickly and the colour is great.

Post Collingwood defeating the Swans
Not the greatest game of football I have seen. In fact both sides played a little less than they are capable. The one difference was Dale Thomas' flying leaps....this week he actually took a few marks. Looks like he has got his timing back.

To sleep now so I can pack.

Knitting - just a companion item for the Got You Covered Swap over on Ravelry (Aussie Knitters group!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm A Little Teapot - WIP Along Update

I love the sound of deadlines being met.

Of tasks being finished

Of projects being photographed!
It looks pretty good If I do say so myself.
On to the FLS now!

Working, Sleeping, Knitting, Procrastinating, Packing

The title appears in order of the time spent doing things in the last couple of days.

The Knitting is going well one more pattern repeat of the FLS (it has slowed down a little).
However my swap Item is going brilliantly I have done the Western Bulldogs Symbol on the other side of my swap item. Just to finish the top, weave in the ends, and sew her up.

On Track for completion BEFORE we move!.

The Procrastinating has been a little less but still prevalent, I haven't got that sense of deadline looming yet which spurs me into action in packing. I did pack the entire bottom half of the buffet last night which is filled with serving plates and casserole dishes. The aim is to clear the top of that (Now glasses and vases) so we can stack things up against it for the rest of the week.

Sadly, I have not invented a new procrastination technique.

Other things on this week

Filmink Clubink screening of Ten Empty (Brendon Cowell/Anthony Hayes Film) which unfortunately i will have to miss as a result of real-estate related activities.

Lenny Henry on Friday night (I need a laugh i am not missing this!)

Collingwood Vs The Swans on Saturday night (I do not miss this!).