Friday, March 28, 2008

Bag Swap Package

Thanks to the Wonderful Puggle...My Bag for the Ravelry Swap has arrived.
click here for puggle's blog

My unwrapping Photoessay.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nothing Like Good News, a New Job and a New Toy to distract

I have been offered and accepted a new job after a few weeks from initial approach (From them) through 2 interviews. I haven't had this much anticipation for a new job in quite some time..I am really looking forward to it. It will be very challenging.

I have rewarded myself for that (and a few other things) by buying a PS3 and the Ratchet and Clank Game & Star Wars Lego Game....both huge amounts of fun and a lot of laughs.

I'll admit it I am the gamer in my house and play more hours than my dh and dd together. I can't help it I actually really enjoy it.

This has put a little bit of a slowdown in my knitting but I do have the new Rockin' Sock Club colourway of Lucky to fondle - A lovely St Patrick's Day inspired's so nice I want to lay it on the lawn and lie on it. It's that kind of colour..Makes you think of sunny summer days and fresh cut grass.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

All Wrapped and Ready to post

I love gift-wrapping something nicely.

This is Japanese paper from a local shop that sells it is magic and soft and beautiful with the Purple Jute tied around it. It is qutie magic looking!

I can't wait to see my pal's reaction. I have included a couple of books I hope she likes to make up the budget.

I have a second one to post...due to the Swap organisation.

We seem to have nearly everyone on track for delivery. Let's see how it all works out shall we.

I am really looking forward to the

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dark Ivy, Madonna and the Bag Swap

Dark Ivy
Firstly Here is the back of the Ivy Cardigan from Knitty. It's a wrap around cardigan done in 8 ply. I (surprise surprise) am knitting it up in Bendigo Woollen Mills in a dark Purple Shade (Classic - Plum). It is done on very small needles...but is knitting up beautifully I really like the pattern and did I mention I like the colour

Madonna is done. She is so cute and the microphone works really really well. She was recieved greatfully and with much amusement. A perfect gift for a 40th birthday (when the recipient has everything).

Bag Swap is all done. I have assembled most of the goodies with just a handful to grab on Tuesday. I also have a second one to on post...but it is wrapped so I haven't seen inside it.

I am really happy with this and if you can get a close look you can see the buttons really finish it. Along with the ladybird matterial I have to line it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Small Pleasures

I'm so happy...90210 might be back with a spin-off. Just the idea is very cool.
I am waiting for Season 4 to be released on DVD. I know it is when it went downhill..but come on..its a great show. Yes 90210 is back was the headline.

On the knitting front Dark Ivy is underway a wrap around cardi for me.
I have completed the back, and started on one side of the front.

It's a free patern from Knitty it knits up beautifully.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Faceless One...Madonna!

Almost Done.
I just need to stitch the now complete hair on and (The bit I am scared of) embroider the face.

I have to do 4 of these so three more to go.
But the sewing and stuffing is the easy bit!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mads Takes Shape

Mads is coming along...I still have hair face and the suspenders and straps to do..but that should be all done tonight...she is so cute (and the corset laces up at the back.

I then just have to make 3 more by 8:00pm tomorrow night.

Easy! I love deadline projects

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deadline Project 40th

What to get someone with absolutely everything for their 40th.
Two things have occured to me
1. A book with 100 studs and stallions of the 70's and 80's.. Remember those imported teen magazines from the US Seventeen...Tiger Beat (that could be from the UK)...Imagine pictures of Eric Estrada, David Hasselhoff, Rob Lowe (When he was very very young)...and you kinda have it...gave my work colleagues and I a great laugh.
2. Knitted Dolls (using knitted icons) - Every woman should have some Madonna, Some Marilyn, Some Audrey and Some Kate (Hepburn) in their how about some doll mojo!
My deadline project is to knit Madonna (At least) and Marilyn, Audrey and Kate by Saturday night for the 40th. She has everything else I tell you....
It is knitting very fast.
Other knitting news involves me making a complete Second Bag for the Bag Swap in case my rescue of bag 1 is unsuccessful. News after the mailout!!!