Monday, January 24, 2011

Spinning Around

A few days off and the spinning wheel has been on high rotation.
I finished (finally) 220grams of Treetops Merino (Hand Dyed - not by me) in the colourway Shanti.

A gorgeous mix of greens and violets. I have yet to measure it up but it has bloomed beautifully since I set the twist a nice fluffy 2 ply. Now to work out what to knit with it.

Within seconds of removing the Shanti yarn from the Bobbin I was on to spinning with Tussah Silk (I hand dyed it myself in Periwinkle) It is spinning finely with a gorgeous shine.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventures in Dye and Fibre

I have been playing with dyeing wool as part of the Acid Dyeing Workshop (NSW Hand Spinner's and Weaver's Guild) and just by myself.

Some samples

From Left To Right:
  • Exhaustion Dyeing Fibre and Silk Fabric
  • Fibre sprinkling dye powder and then leaving in the sun in a Zip Lock Bag
  • Immersion in mixed dye in a Glass Jar left in the sun.
  • Painted and then Steamed (Wet)
  • Painted and then Steamed (Dry)

Post Workshop adventures

On the left
  • Two different Sock yarns (Wool/Nylon) dyed with a mix of Hot Fuchsia and Violet.
  • Fibre dyed with Turquoise and Sky Blue.
Can't wait to knit and spin these up.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Knitting

The Breast Cancer Project (BCP) is well under way. I am part way through the second repeat of the Umbrella section. It really looks stunning when the lace is opened up.
Pattern: Rain by Ailsa Daly (Knitabulous)
Yarn: Morris Empire 4ply in Cha Cha Pink.

The stole on completion will be part of a charity auction our team is planning to do at work. One of our younger team members is fighting breast cancer at the moment and the team are wanting to do something (anything). We are all in contact and offering much personal support.

Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club (S62010) Shur'tugal's

The Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club (S62011) kicked off at midnight New Year's Eve. Many members starting the first pattern as soon as possible after the fireworks.
I managed to wait until New Year's day and finished just before 6:30am this morning (Friday 7th). The pattern is actually not too bad to remember and whilst some of the concepts require some thought (And the odd redo). The heels and Toes are really wonderful.

Patten: Shur'tugal
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Solids (Purple)
Needles: 2.75mm
Variations: I started the every row decrease after 5 as the socks would have been super long otherwise.

I think last night at M&S Knitting Group I experienced what I was hoping from this Sock Club. Five of us (at various stages of the project) knitting exactly the same pattern in a range of yarns at the same time.

I will now return to the BCP and Stocking Stitch Socks and try to get a few more completions under my belt.