Monday, July 18, 2011

Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL

I have been mentally searching my stash for the right yarn and really like the idea of the Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca Silk

Like my friend miss fee I have put together a few photos with each combination appearing twice!

The designers colours can be found here

Your thoughts - do any of them work? I must admit I love the madtosh in logwood, curiosity and flashdance ( no surprises)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tour de Fleece and Knitting

I have spun a few fibres up

Merino and Black Diamond a gift for Miss Fee

Alpaca from a friend

BFL in purple and gold

And some knitting the Juneberry Triangle and Stripe Study Shawl in progress

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tour de Fleece Days 1 & 2

Day 1 and 2 of the Tour was a finish this project.

I have 375 grams of Skein Merino Silk tto spin. I had spun nearly 125 in singles. This fibre was not what I had first thought there was way more white and I had to rethink my plan.

Seeking advice from the likes of 1funkyknitwit and a few others I decided to try plying the finished singles. I have a couple of cones of commercial heavy lace/light baby weight yarn.

Day 1 involved just a little bit of spinning with just the first 125g completed as singles

Day 2 I managed to spin 125g of singles and ply it completing the second 125g on Day 3.

So the above became this - thick and thin and at the moment about 500metres of it with another 125g still to spin.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How did it Get to be July already

June as always passed in a blur the film festival which usually takes up half followed by a cough that just would not go away.

Sheer madness has departed and then comes July. What better way to celebrate than throwing myself into some more pure madness so I am jumping into the Tour - this year however I will be following the Tour de Fleece as opposed to the Knit along.

My plan is to spin every day (starting last Saturday) and so far I am on track.

I have some Skein fibre that I just want to finish spinning so I have made the effort and finished all bar one third of it as singles and plied one third already. I should just about get the rest done tonight (forget housework etc)
The total amount is 375grams so there is a huge amount to spin in total.

Following that I have a few gifts to spin then I will be onto pure fun. Hopefully by the weekend.

My camera battery is flat so I need to charge it - so alas no photos yet.

On the knitting front I have not yet blogged a few finished items/newly started items
And Another Thing Socks - Done
Envious Seraphim - Done and getting regular wear
Basic Tango - Done and getting regular wear
Crushed Berries - started and completed in need of a block
I have also completed a Juneberry Triangle in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
Striped Study Shawl - started and in progress

The temporary loss of my laptop, which was also the charging point for the camera has slowed me down with my knit blogging.

More soon hopefully with photos.