Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Camp Update

The wonderful Rae, Chris and Kerry from CR & K Daisy Designs organise a yearly knitting retreat to the Mt Keira Scout Camp. They arrange the location, the timing and set up for activities (such as dying yarn and trivia) and give us the space and time to enjoy ourselves.

Good Company, great knitting and lots of time to sit eat, drink tea (sometimes beer and wine) is a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Much fun was had sitting in knitting circles. The Op Shop Formal dinner was great fun and some of the outfits were spectacular.

I had such a great time knitting, chatting, laughing but mostly just being inspired by the skill, creativity and range of my fellow knitters. Too many to link here....(I have to go to work)

Photos above are
Knitabulous (Since when do royalty carry there own luggage - this is without the knitting/yarn supplies too!)
Bellsknits in the shoes of doom - Who would have thought that 4 inch heels and a hilly bush setting would be dangerous?
FredAstep and Knitdra - elegantly cutting a rug!

My mental queue of projects has gone up as I saw many examples of great patterns and gorgeous knitting and stunning yarns. I may have a aquired a few.

Many others have covered and provided more comprehensive photos- my collection was just 3.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fabulous Fibre Weekend

My big focus this weekend has been getting a few projects I have had on the go finished

First Up was to finish spinning the Ewe Give Me The Knits Merino in the gorgeous wine inspired colourway. It's soft smooshy and light fingering weight. I am now all set to have a project in progress for Knitting Camp this weekend.

I then concentrated on completing the Clapotis in my handspun. (Rainbow connection). I cast it off this afternoon and am looking forward to a light blocking to keep the smooshy factor high. I am totally delighted with the colours and how the transitions work.

Last up I have just cast off the Wast Side Shawl in STR mediumweight. It was put on hold whilst I was waiting for a delivery of a second skein of yarn to complete it having run out a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Showers and Yarn Showers

Secret Knitting business has been afoot.
Over the course of the last months of last year and the early months of this year we managed to create a network of knitters to complete squares for a blanket for RoseRed's soon to arrive new family member. You can see her baby shower blog via the link for the rest of her spoils
The right most pic in the first row is a special addition from Zephyrama a wonderful tradition from their local Hunter knitting group.

Bells and DrK (of a Room of My Own) organised a wonderful group of knitters for a baby shower that was awesomely catered on Sunday.

Knitters far and wide (too many too mention)
MissFee and I worked together to sew them up and block them. The end result is quite spectacular. The project started with our Thursday night group but extended to a wider circle of Australian knitters.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

I have also been aquiring more yarn (surprise)
  • Knitabulous Lace in Mumbai Skies (the last of the Indian Summer Club)
  • Malabrigo Lace in Hummingbird and Madeline Tosh Lace in Clemitis
  • Knitabulous Merino Sock the first of the Black Japan yarn Club in goregous brown, gold and greens.

And whilst tying this I may have had an extra skein of STR arrive to finish a shawl (with some companion lace)

On the spinning front I have been madly trying to complete the 300g of Vintage Merino in goregous Wine colours so I have more handspun for Knitting Camp on the Anzac Day weekend. I have about a bobbins worth yet to spin then the plying starts.

And on the knitting front the boring ties on the Stardust cardigan continue intermittently but my favourite knit is the Clapotis in the Ewe Give Me The Knits Magic Ball Handspun.