Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundays - Knitting Plus

We are getting into a local routine on Sundays.
Up earlyish and coffee made by T (if we have milk) or a trip to the Servo and Tea, off to the markets then an afternoon pottering at home.

We headed off to the markets at ARC (today including a animal farm for the kids in addition to the pony rides and jumping castle). First up Coffee and food - we split up T queuing for Bacon and egg rolls, O for Gozleme and me for the coffee. We then spent some time wandering the stalls, Reverse Garbage and the Bower (reverse garbage has lot of rolls of material again). We then buy the Bagels and whatever vegies we fancy on the way out. O also bought an Aloe Vera plant and a pendant for birthday presents.

Home around 11:30am to get in some knitting. The "It Must Be Love" jumper is coming along nicely. I caked some yarn in preparation for knitting some socks.

After lunch some friends drop by for beer or tea and we have a bit of a chat, their Jack Russell goes and has adventures in our plants (the cat is safely ensconced in the bedroom!).

This afternoon I managed to finally cut out some material I got from Ikea to make up a Carry-all/Hobo style bag. I only have the interfacing to cut out. Some more knitting (a little work) should do me well.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Knitting High Tea.

Yesterday afternoon I organized a high tea for a group of the knitters that frequent the Morris & Son's Stitch 'n' Bitch on a Thursday night. We ventured out to the Harrogate Tea Rooms @ Pyrmont and were incredibly well fed, tea'd and in my case Sparkling Shiraz'd for three hours and all dressed in our finest.

The fantastic company included Web-Goddess, MissFee, LynS, RoseRed, Ness, Sue, Lee, Margarita, Helen, Rachel and Barbara. (I've noticed Lee and Ness both escaped my photos but did take them for me - so thank you!). We might need to make this a regular event every 6 months or so.

A delightful time was had by all and the food was plentiful and filling. Thanks for coming along.
Please note the special efforts with stockings and shoes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swap Socks - Outgoing

Tuesday afternoon I packaged up the socks (Peaks n Valleys Pattern in Moda Vera Noir) for My Swap Pal. I included some mini-Portuguese tarts and a chocolate bar.

Yes I wound the balls on so the stripes would match.

I have been concentrating my knitting on the "It Must Be Love" 4ply Raglan for T. I am onto the second sleeve so photos when I get it all joined up.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sock Swap Socks

Soft Socks delivered to your Door.

They are soft and squishy and the yarn from The Yarn Cafe is truly scrumptions

My swap Pal mixed the bamboo and the BFL yarn together in a self-designed pattern.

Very distinctive! The colour looks great.

Delivered with some tea and sour cherry lollies (that I am looking forward to consuming when my throat resumes it's normal state! And my favourite a little notebook in the shape of a J.

Did I mention they are soft to wear!

Thanks JulieBM!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday - A Day of Rest?

Today i have been busier than planned but had a wonderfully relaxing day.

We woke latish this morning (still before nine) and T made me a coffee with the new coffee machine (yay!) we then watched Insiders for our weekly dose of Politics and news (Love ABC's Sunday morning program).

T then suggested we head to the Addison Road Community Centre Markets as it was such a stunning day. We walked down (about a 10-15 minutes stroll) and I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens we passed. We have some neighbours who have woven their recent cuttings through the fence and gate it looks Fantastic.

We walked past our old garden and grumbled as the new residents had pulled out a climber that was a gift to T (but we felt it wasn't right to uproot it). They have left the climbing rose my mother gave us in place. They have also taken care of my uncles's red roses out the front and my Blue Moon Rose bushes (We need to find ones for the new house) are doing quite well.

The markets have become bigger but I love that they are bustling and not super busy. A coffee, some fresh food to eat and we wandered. With Reverse Garbage and The Bower there is always something we bring home. Today we bought fresh bagels, spinach, a hammer and a Tapestry Floor Stand with tray ($6)! The range of food is increasing and the clothes, plants and other goods are stretching further than before.

On return home I intended to do some sewing but the lure of a Knitting meetup within walking distance and the gorgeous weather was too much to resist. I met up with some fellow Inner-west knitters at Miss Petty Cash in Victoria Road Marrickville (Opposite Enmore Park). Good company, good knitting and a special mention for the handknit tea cosies and the collectors spoons.

Below is the Sugared Violets yarn I won from Needlefood - the colour is this stunning in person!

Hope your Sunday was as much fun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swap Socks Done!

3:35am finished Swap Socks after the Tour.
Soaked and Blocking!!!

Don't you love achievement milestones?

Sleepy time!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Last of the June Yarn Fest....

3 skeins of BMFA Twisted in "Never on A Sunday" Colourway destined to be a second Mr Greenjeans.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twitter & Getting My Mojo Back

It's amazing what signing up for the TDF, a new project and a few days can do.
My knitting mojo is well and truly back.

The fun (even with the unravelling) of The Purple Rose of Cairo (which is now blocking over a plate) has given me energy and I have galloped along on the "It Must be Love" 4 ply last night at the M&S knitting group.

I have also finally succumbed to Twitter as knitterjp. A bit of energy today...all set for Inner City Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow, catching up with friends from LA in the afternoon and a Sunday pottering and knitting.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Leap Forwards Two Leaps Back - and Yarny Goodness.

One Leap Forward

I got an email late yesterday from Michelle from Needlefood. I won the
monthly draw and get to select a colourway for a free skein of yarn.


Two Leaps Back
I have had to undo The Purple Rose it was gigantic. I have rewound
lots of yarn, cast on again with smaller needles and have knitted a
huge amount again.

With the rework I have not had much success in progressivg my Tour de
France KAL goal of finishing some Wips.

The good news is I made some serious progress with the Team Time Trial
last night. I am back in form and hopefully getting some cadence back.

Lap Cat and The Purple Rose of Cairo

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chasing the Sunday Sun and Purple Roses

Earlier this week saw me making some knitting progress on the It Must Be Love 4ply jumper, finish turning the heel on the Swap socks...and signing up for the Tour de France KAL with the aim of finishing, or at least progressing, some of my WIP's.

So what is the first thing I do after that...cast on another project...The Purple Rose of Cairo (Ysolde's Rosered in Purple) insired by and being a bit. At this rate it is likely to be the first WIP finished for the TDF with only a few rows to complete.

Today saw me (and the cat) seeking out sunny protected spots away from the crisp wind to sit and contemplate the day and knitting. I am pretty sure she has been sleeping some too. A peaceful and productive day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Yarn...(It's even sock yarn)

Somewhere in June with a week off for the film festival and that holiday feeling I kind of went mad with the yarn purchases.

Three more sock yarn purchases from The Yarn Cafe (Evoke) - Bluefaced Leicester Superwash. Custom dyed to order. Elissa is an absolute gem from our own Northern Rivers in NSW.

The colours are quite stunning and the yarn is lovely to touch.