Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I love the Blocking Stage

Aestlight in the gorgeous fiftfifty from Knitabulous is done...... Above in progress and below blocking.

Shhhh...More Yarn

  • Knitabulous Fifty Fifty in More than a waitress
  • Needlefood Worsted in Hydrangea
  • Knitabulous Silken Thread in Wisteria
  • needlefood Worsted in Periwinkle
  • Knitabulous Softsock in More than a waitress

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another 2 day Project - The Black Rose

On Saturday night i ventured out to the AFL (Swans Vs Geelong) with my mother and a couple of my nephews. Upon arrival my mother said where did you get he beret...I want! I was wearing my Purple Rose of Cairo (RoseRed by Ysolda Teague). She wanted cream or black (and I suggested grey).

Sunday morning I awoke and went to my leftovers stash section. and what do you know there was some Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in Raven all ready for the task. The knit is very quick (especially the third time around - since the first one was knitted twice). I used the knit lace cast off and it gives it an interesting scalloped edge. And Tuesday morning we block!
Very happy now to return to socks, jumper and shawl(s)

For the record the game was a little boring for the most part - it got incredibly exciting in the last quarter (when both teams played running football). As a non-swans supporter who goes to watch a match...I really hate the swans zone and slow down.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Home Improvements

This weekend I have taken note of the little things we do at home to make improvements.

Firstly Flowers (from the Addison Road Markets - we also picked up some poppies). I love old-fashioned roses in simple vases and these are stunning! I love having fresh flowers around the house (and in the office) and before T always had fresh flowers at home unless I was travelling and in most of my offices (yes even in open plan desks).

I have also bought a simple basket to store my sewing in progress. Rather than having to pack it away when I am in the middle of cutting something out or sewing something up. Simple practical and not too heavy even when nearly full. It can be put anywhere to be out of the way and saves me having to pack it away in the cupboard. With the sewing room also being the dining room it is a bit of a challenge to get either the sewing machine/cutting board or overlocker out and all the bits and pieces this gives me a few less steps in the process.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Knitting Trends, friends and Brainspace

The most recent trend(s) in knitting is the Shawl fest. Shawl patterns (especially small shawl patterns) are doing a roaring trade. I have recently succumbed not once but twice

Aquiring the highly popular Aestlight Shawl on Ravelry. (Hopefully to be knit up in the fiftyfifty from Knitabulous) followed by the Damson Shawl by pre-purchasing Whimsical Little Knits 2 from Ysolda.

I have yet to cast on but I have yarn, patterns determination (and some knitting on the needles) and many many intentions.

I have been a little sidetracked by my own mini-trend and am casting on another Elijah in Noro. This is for a colleague as a tool for their you can "talk about the elephant in the room". Very cool idea.

The trends I am following are fuelled by my knitting friends an amazing community that inspire me every day. Online on both Ravelry (and the various blogs), and Twitter as well as in person.

A highlight of my week is the Thursday night knitting group - this event both the knitting and the discussion topics (which meander widely and are always interspersed with laughter) contribute immensely to my relaxation each week. Regardless of how tired or how grumpy I am after work spending time with this group of amazing diverse people energises me immensely. So thank you to these knitters for the light they put into my week.

New Yarn!

In addition to the gifted Alpaccy...I also have picked up some fifty-fity from knitabulous! I am in love with this colour and am hoping to pick up the silk lace weight...If wishes made it so.
This picture (without a flash gave me the best match to the colour)
I also picked up some Noro Kureyon for some More Elijah's.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arms and Ears

Sometimes it doesn't take long

Elijah Blue was born in 2 days.

Yes the arms and the ears are a pain in the butt to do the pick up and the first few rows cause hand cramp..but he is too adorable for words.

A little armless is Elijah Blue

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Say That's Progress.

It has been an incredibly early morning after a late night (no not fun work!). So I thought I would update you on the progress this week.

PSC (July)...I have finished sock #1 and have cast on Sock 2 (Almost finished first of 9 pattern repeats. This pattern is easy to remember and relatively quick to knit (considering the 2mm needles). I am not convinced of the picot edge and would find a different finish if I was knitting them again.

The It Must be Love Jumper was sadly neglected this week with only one more row completed.
I have managed to boost the stash a bit with a number of arrivals in the last 2 weeks really.
Knitabulous' Soft Sock in Strange Fruit, Merino Sock in Patterson's Curse and Silken Thread in New Jeans and Your Place or Mine

Oh and more Yarnlust in the same colours as before!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personal Sock Club July Hangover

A belated update on the PSC Hearts and Flowers Socks. I have managed to turn the heel on the first sock by the 4th of August. Not too bad for the July socks.

The pattern is from Wendy Johnsons's Socks from the Toe Up and is elegant and looks great whilst it is knitting up. I am using 2x2mm circular needles for this one and I used Judy's magic cast-on for the toes.

To inspire some momentum I have opened my August yarn which happens to be The Knittery Slim Sock in Royal Velvet with contrast purple yarn for the toe and heel another sock to be knit on 2mm needles perhaps.

Our Sunday routine was on hiatus this week while we spent the day in a Park in Balmain celebrating a friends 50th. A gorgeous sunny winter day...too perfect.