Monday, January 25, 2010

Productive Days

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day knitting with friends and managed to complete the front of my Mountain View Cardigan after returning home. Thanks to missfee, LynS, RoseRed and FredAstep for a great day of yarn, conversation and amazing food and drink.

I also did most of the sewing up of a skirt (but needed a new iron to complete it). On the walk over to Missfees for the knitting catch up I picked up an iron on the way.

Today I have sewn up a cotton blanket WIP that has been long languishing in the must complete file and finished the skirt. I am contemplating this fabric for the backing.

I then finished the skirt ..a cryptic shot can be found below.

I have now cast on the first sleeve for Mountain View and we are shortly heading off for a BBQ dinner at some friends.

Productive Quiet days are the best.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Craft Week One

The intention for my 2 weeks off work was to get a kick start on the 2010 crafting and get some of my space sorted. The incredibly hot weather over the last half of last week played a little bit of havoc with that (but it is January) I have managed to get some knitting, spinning and sewing done if not everything i planned

What I have achieved is
  • Blocking the Entomology Shawl (see previous post)
  • Most of the Left front of the Mountain View Cardigan.
  • Some spinning (I have been playing with some merino I had and some drafting techniques)
  • Some fibre aquisition....including some EGMTK club fibre
EGMTK and Treetops fibre below.
  • A trip to Crowle Foundations Fabric Cave and some Fabric Stash additions (I also got a couple of cones of wool for plying.). The bright yellow is actually from Ikea and destined to be a new Doona cover for O.
  • The biggest achievement is the one below a skirt sewn from start to finish this afternoon. Not by me but by my eleven yr old step daughter. We cut 2 pattern blocks for her from her measurements for an elastic waist A-line skirt and for a A-Line skirt with fitted waist. We then proceeded to cut and sew up the A-line skirt below with an elastic waistband. She is thrilled and is now keen to try a skirt with pleating and a waistband.

Next up a few skirts for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blocked and Oh So Lovely. Entomology

She is just divine. Handspun and knitted and in gorgeous teals with purple.

From this

to this

to this

then this

and finally this....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand Plans and Some Completions

I am currently 3 days into 2 weeks off work.
My grand plans included some cleaning, sewing, knitting, spinning and blocking as well as some catching up with friends and family.

Monday and Tuesday this week saw me with full houess my step-daughter, MIL, SIL and niece yesterday and my step-daughter and MIL monday. A little knitting got done, I got the dining table clear for sewing and I did manage to get a few hours spinning. I must admit to quite a few hours playing Mario Kart with the family as well.

We did manage trips to Newtown for Art supplies, books and coffee as well as a visit to the Pool yesterday. Today I see the day stretching out before me and I am determined to make the most of it.

I already have put the Entomology shawl out for blocking (a full wet block).

Knitting has been focused on the Toy for the Easter Show (Well progressed) and the Mountain View Cardigan (now onto the Left Front).

I am suffering from misplaced Camera so not too many photos. I am using the old one (Which does not have a rechargeable battery). Guess who left if plugged into the computer on (and found it flat this morning!)

More photos when i recharge the rechargeables.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entomology Ready to Block and Easter Show Madness?

So it has taken me just over a week to finish Entomology she is now ready to block.

I have cast on for the Easter Show (toy) that is coming along nicely. The pattern I will reveal later but the colours are purple, green, black and white. This should be done really quickly so photos and pattern reveal soon.

I have also signed up for a shawl (Cedric, The Celtic Dragon) a reasonably challenging lace undertaking. Could be sheer madness - watch this space.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shiny Shiny 2010 A Year in yarn and Stitches Begins

I have cast on Entomology from knitty in the Jade Palace.
I am knitting it very quickly and it is unbelievably soft and incredibly Shiny.

Yes I know I have WIPS..but it was calling my name I swear!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I did with my Christmas Holidays

I managed to take the three days between Christmas and New Year off giving myself an early much needed break.

It hasn't been as successful for sewing (due to the Christmas tree and decorations occupying the dining room aka my sewing room) but has had good results for knitting and spinning.

I am all but finished spinning up the lovely msgusset's jade optim merino and should hopefully be plying tonight or tomorrow. See the loevely bobbiny goodness..
And still some more roving to spin up.
I have also managed to complete the back of the Mountain View cardigan and have just completed knitting to the ribbed waist (for the second time) of the right front. The Louet Euroflax Linen Sportweight is lovely to knit with and the colour is simply stunning. Vivian from Ecoyarns will special order for you. Did i mention the colour range is amazing.

back to work tomorrow!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 A Knitting Year in Review

In the spirit of many of my knitting kindred (too numerous to link you all).
Below is a revisit of the knitting projects completed in 2009 and a few special
I managed 29 porjects including 2 cardigans and a 4 ply cotton jumper, Numerous socks (including 3 half-finished pairs for the 2009 Personal Sock Club - No I haven't finished it) and some hats for charity.

Most notable are 4 shawls including the stunning Icarus in BMFA Silk Thread.

I also managed 2 elephants and a dozen knitted baubles (Christmas very strange).

My knitting progress at the end of 2009 may have been interrupted by the recently acquired spinning obsession.


1.baubles, 2. MILyarn 3. MILyarnbobbin, 4. Sockstogo, 5. gabi 6. Tank Plus, 7. Aestlight, 8. purple yarn, 9. ElijahBlue 10. Craft4acause, 11. MsGussetOptim Spin, 12. FantasyofAWaitress, 13. Icarus, 14. CottonBlanket, 15. Ishbel, 16. BlackRose, 17. socks, 18. DiminishedRibardi, 19. Bedsocks, 20. stripeysocks, 21. Knitting Camp, 22. anniversary socks 23. elijah brown, 24. Leaf Socks, 25. VioletGreenjeans, 26. LaceSocs, 27. gabiagain, 28. DarkIvy

2010 will be the year of knitting shawls, finishing the sock club and I think spinning.