Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stash Reallocation

Today a group of us from the Morris & Sons Group had a Stash Reallocation afternoon.

Essentially a group of us come together to eat, drink, knit, chat, laugh and paw all over a whole bunch of yarn. I managed to re-home 3 x skeins of Wollmeise Lace (Schwarz, Golden Pair, Feldmaus) and a skein each of Jitterbug (Velvet Plum) and STR Lightweight in Dragon Dance.

All I bought home was the Wooldancer Fibre Sampler (thanks MissFee), the Taube Wollmeise and some buttons from TooManyCrafts.

One of the highlights was the button box. Eventually I just spread it out on the chest in Sushiwiz's loungeroom and we all took turns sorting through.

This is what the stash collection looked after post everyone picking over it much depleted from it's starting state. I think MissFee and 1Funkyknitwit may have some pre-photos.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


My attempt at a stashdown is suffering from a few things. The good dollar, time on my hands with a new job on the horizon. Workshops have inspired some fibre additions.

From top to bottom
Treetops Fibre Foundation Palette Merino Sampler
Treetops Fibre Bombyx Silk and Tussah Silk Samplers
Wollmeise Lavendel 100% x 4 and Schwarz Lace x 2

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crafting in Progress

I have been taking advantage of my time off between gigs to get in some crafting (and a few other things). Spinning for long periods has been a rare experience in the past and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to make this happen. I have also managed to advance some knitting projects in that time.

On the weekend I attended the Pluckfluff Workshop along with nearly 30 others. It was a busy two days (at the end I was exhausted).

Top Left: Handspun Tussah Silk 2 ply approx fingering weight. (First all silk spin). Periwinkle Tones and Royal Blue. Soft and gorgeous.

Bottom Left: First Technique Spin from the Pluckyfluff workshop - Coils and other techniques (Using New Jade Single)

Top Centre Left: New Jade Merino Single Handspun.

Top Centre Right: Adding In - I have added in Nubbies and Fabric (others added beads, bells and flowers. This was fun (and one of those techniques)

Centre: Ada Lovelace Socks Completed and Blocked.

Centre Bottom: A Mixed Batt Spin using colours you didn't use regularly (red & white) and random grabs then navajo plied. (I was using a new bobbin that was doing some rather strange things at this point and sticking and releasing).

Top Right: Seraphim Shawl in Madeline Tosh Eyre light in Envy colourway (Gorgeously soft Green/Blue) Lots of stockingstitch to start.

Bottom Right: PluckyFluff workshop QuickCoils. This was hard work but the colours look great.

The workshop was wonderful and exhausting. I am not sure how much of it I will be inspired to use again - however I learnt heaps about my wheel and some great techniques that can be applied to lots of other things and got to spend two days with a whole heap of talented spinners.