Sunday, April 20, 2008

Babies and Departures

With the pending departure from my current job I have been busy - not sure with what.

Things have been quiet on the knitting front concentrating on completing a few EZ baby sweaters for colleagues who are all about to have babies...One is complete and already presented - the other two are all but done (with about 75% of the knitting done and some sewing up and buttons to do before Tuesday morning.

All achievable.

Alas that means I have no photos however, as I have been slack and not charged the batteries. I will have photos before they depart for good.

I also need to photograph the most recent stash enhancement with some
  • Country Silk 8 ply (In pink/purple and blue/purple as well as some green - for scarves)
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Twisted, Laci, Single Silk and some STR (socks...I have a weakness ok)
  • Some Knittery yarn in Chocolate and Grey (Lace) and some DK Silk in a tourquoise colourway.
  • On the way I have some Cascade 220 in Purple (Surprise!) and some Malabrigo from

Photos soon.

Oh yeah and the bag swap award prizes are on their way so hopefully they will arrive in the next week.

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