Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Evening with A National Living Treasure

Last night I ventured out to the Opera House to see Paul Kelly.

He, along with Paul Grabowski have re-arranged a whole heap of Pauls music with God as a theme (Some of the connections were tenuous). They have teamed up with the Australian Art Orchestra, The Ladies Bull (Vika & Linda) and The Choir with No Name (As they were referred they had not yet found themselves a name). The event was called Meet me in the Middle of the Air.

A fabulous evening of soul, blues, rock, gospel and good company. It reminds you that we have talented musicians. A few songs in and you are reminded of the significant difference between Linda's beautiful clean diva sound and Vika's magic dirty R&B/Soul voice.

If you have a chance to check out any of the AAO's events whether teamed with an artist like Ruby Hunter or Archie Roach or not you really should - they are a revelation.

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