Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Projects for 2008

Finished Bags on Boxing Day for Christmas...Wooo.

Started Socks for a counter to the projects for everyone else!

Thinking through my knitting objectives for next year.

  • Knit from stash - really and truly!
  • Catalogue Stash and group with targetted projects
  • MORE really much more lace!
  • Knit for me, what I want.
  • Finish my Wips or frog them!!!!
  • Cardis, jumpers and lace....cardis, jumpers and lace (Oh My!)
  • Socks for dh and o


LynS said...

I think you're very brave...I don't think I'd dare state my knitting objectives for 2009 - I just know I wouldn't fulfill them, and then I'd feel a failure! For the same reason, I HATE making lists!

jp said...

You just have to think of them as guidelines rather than exact plans.