Sunday, July 25, 2010

Farewell Fur Friend

This weekend our white ball of fur Alabaster (usually called Alley or Alley-Cat) spent her last days with us after her health went downhill quite quickly in the last few days. She will be missed.

We have left her to rest in a stunning white pot with a sun-loving tree (just like her) called Cherish surrounded by white flowers.

Her love of laps, pats, a good rub under the chin, snuggles as well as sleeping in boxes will be well remembered. As will her insistence on being fed at 4:00am. Her penchant for removing books from bookcases to either get us to feed her or create a place to crawl into was laughted over today.

Alley was with T before we met and connects us with O's entire family. all of whom came for final visits and spent most of Sunday afternoon with us saying final goodbyes and remembering her impact on all our lives.

The first night I went to T's she climbed onto the couch sitting between us and placed her paw on Tal's knee to let me know who owned this particular human. Eventually she becamse just as likely to sit on my knee (especially when I was knitting) and this I will truly miss. In the last few years this has been a bit of a morning ritual (even managing a version of this when I would spin). I think I will even miss her managing to sneak into the bedroom in the wee hours of the morning and pawing at my hair until I rolled over and created a little crook in my arm for her to sleep in.

Farewell Alley your 14 and a half years will be cherished and your eight for me personally will be lovingly remembered


missfee said...

I am so sorry Jody - and hope that you are doing ok - hugs


Rose Red said...

So sorry Jody, hope you are all doing ok, it was nice that everyone had the chance to say their final goodbyes to lovely lap loving Alley.

knitabulous said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Jody, it's always such a sad time to lose a pet.



1funkyknitwit said...

Sorry to hear you and your family lost a friend, wonderful to have the the great memories though :)

DrK said...

i was so sorry to hear about your lovely fluff ball. i know how much a part of our lives they become and what a huge hole they leave. hope you are all doing ok xx