Monday, December 20, 2010

Knitting Completions The 2nd

My niece loves putting on my Ishbel shawl when she comes over. I had some Yarn Lust in Crush colourway that I ordered specially. I cast on Saturday afternoon and only did ABACDE in the sections so it was incredibly quick and I finished it Sunday. All that is left is to block and wrap!

Sophie was started late November and along with the February Baby Sweater will make a great welcome to the world present for a colleagues new bub.

Don't you love when you get a heap of work done?


missfee said...

Finished ALREADY - you are the knitting machine!!!!

missfee said...

finished ALREADY - you are the knitting machine

1funkyknitwit said...

WOW !! ...that's quick !! great colour, great pattern !

Rabbit is super cute :D

LynS said...

You don't even leave us enough time to comment! Wow. That's all.

DrK said...

oh god, i would be happy to get ANY knitting work done at the moment. you must stop now so we can catch up.