Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventures in Dye and Fibre

I have been playing with dyeing wool as part of the Acid Dyeing Workshop (NSW Hand Spinner's and Weaver's Guild) and just by myself.

Some samples

From Left To Right:
  • Exhaustion Dyeing Fibre and Silk Fabric
  • Fibre sprinkling dye powder and then leaving in the sun in a Zip Lock Bag
  • Immersion in mixed dye in a Glass Jar left in the sun.
  • Painted and then Steamed (Wet)
  • Painted and then Steamed (Dry)

Post Workshop adventures

On the left
  • Two different Sock yarns (Wool/Nylon) dyed with a mix of Hot Fuchsia and Violet.
  • Fibre dyed with Turquoise and Sky Blue.
Can't wait to knit and spin these up.


1funkyknitwit said...

Well you have been busy, haven't you :D

They look great, so much fun experimenting with colour.

Ruby Girl said...

nice colours you are putting together. I need to make time to do some dyeing of yarn I have.