Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three Weeks and Lots to Do

Some of you will be aware I have been looking for a job recently spending lots of time in interviews, reasearching, preparation and of course on the internet/email and the phone.

Last week I recieved an offer and accepted it for a new job. The brilliant thing is I have a couple of weeks (3 in fact) off before I start. This means I have time on my hands and many ideas to take them up.

On the knitting front
  • Finish my current cardigan (Basic Black in Tango) I have been spending some time in sleeveland and it is time to exit. Then i can block the pieces sew them up and do the band & buttons.
  • Start a few exciting knitting projects - a lace shawl and another cardigan.
  • Get back on track with the S62011 Sock Club and actually at least get some socks on the needles.
  • Participate in a Stash Swap day we have planned in a few weeks (identify some stash to be moved on!)
On the spinning front
  • Finish the silk I have had on the wheel for a month.
  • Spin, Spin, Spin (I have heaps of fibre stash).
  • Try out some of the things I have seen in the Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning.\
  • The big spinning workshop with Pluckyfluff next weekend.
Other Craft
  • Sewing up a lot of the material I have acquired.
On the social and entertainment front.
  • A few movies. There is no better way when having time off during the day than to go see a couple of movies whilst everyone else is at work.
  • Lunch/Coffee with friends and former colleagues over food or drink.
Don't forget the more mundane things I should be doing
  • an old fashioned spring-clean the study, the stash and the wardrobe all need to be cleaned out and some of the older items moved on.

Looking forward to keeping you up to date on my adventures.


1funkyknitwit said...

Squeeeee... Pluckyfuff, I too can't wait !!! :D

Can't wait to see your silk spun up and your cardi on YOU :D

Congrats on your new job Jody, great news !

DrK said...

yay for the job and yay for the three weeks before you start the job! happy creating!

Anna said...

Hi Jodie,

That's wonderful news about your new job and also the 3 week break. =) (I am very jealous though...)