Monday, September 12, 2011


Today I find myself knitting Kleio by Romi Hill.
It is the first pattern from her second year of small shawls.

It is a two-colour or two-toned knit in my new favourite crescent shape.
Lots of garter stitch (short rows), seriously lots of garter stitch.
Then a nice lace section in contrast colour, some stocking stitch and an edging (I think).

It is soft and drapey when knitted in Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca Silk.

Just wish I could get to the colour section (two rows away) but work keeps getting in the way.

I think I need to knit a cardigan. Or finish a UFO too.
Perhaps this weekend.

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DrK said...

thats a lovely pattern, i presume youre using purple? an FO is a good feeling, but i think you should start something new that requires a provisional cast on. anyone whos anyone is doing them :)