Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tripping through the Countryside of Victoria with Knitters

Wandering Lancefield

A totally delicious lunch at Annie Smithers Bistrot in Kyneton resulting in a duck fat and sugar coma.

A Knitter's Breakfast Coffee, Tea, Eggs, Bacon and Pancakes with knitting all around.

Fun and games galore - like the Cookie A Shot below.

Knitting in the Garden Friday, Saturday and stretching it into Sunday...and a bit of drinking in the garden too.

and a great little country bookstore.

The facts 10 women, 7 meals, 3 lost runners, 2 nights, 1 search and rescue operation, too many drinks and lots of laughs.

What a great weekend. More photos at knitabulous, web-goddess, drkknits and missfee

Thanks ladies and Thanks Ailsa for a totally not harebrained scheme.


missfee said...

great photos
great weekend


DrK said...

plus, i love cats, i want to put them all in a basket....

Rose Red said...

Don't forget Qantas Business Club Class! Heh heh!

Yoga Knitdra said...

One wonderful weekend indeed!

Unknown said...

Did that cookie A pattern have a chart? GREAT photos..