Friday, December 30, 2011


The silence since early December has been unintentional.

Work, family, christmas functions and life have kept me busy.

Christmas was a great day spent with the family. Since Christmas I have been lying low taking advantage if endless hours of cricket on the TV, afternoon naps and grazing instead of meals most days.

On the knitting front progress has been slow on the Diamond Fantasy shawl. After Christmas I started knitting cotton squares for a baby blanket - all from

Looking forward to a quiet New Years and another week off work filled with more cricket, movies, naps and the odd swim!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful festive season!


missfee said...

great photo of you two - happy xmas, grazing, cricket, napping, knitting and spinning

DrK said...

"knitting from stash"?? what is this?! and seeing you not knitting a shawl or purple is just weird. glad you are having a good break tho!