Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tea Cosy Swap Yippee (Claping Hands)

Well imagine my surprise on a grey wet Sydney day when I was greated with 2 parcels at the door.

I was expecting one of them (from the knittery!!!) but the other was a complete surprise and a fantastic way to stop my day being so grey.

My Tea Cosy Swap Parcel had arrived from the amazingly talented knitwytch.

You can see the tea cosy in action on right (can you spot the bee?) Such embroidery and colour.

I have had such fun pulling all the things out.
Dilmah tea in four flavours, Lindt & Black and Greens Chocolate (yum)
and extremely yummy the fantastic lime & green bag and matching kittyknits yarn (waterlily colourway).
Lucky Me!!!!!

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