Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decisions Decisions - MY Sock Yarn

I have bagged and packaged and resorted a heap of lace weight, worsted, dk and even some sport weight...but the major part of my clean up is the sock yarn.

I need to pick some yarn for my personal Sock Club 2009.

Gulp! I think i have some sock yarn.

I will spend today bagging it and pulling out the yarn for the Personal Sock Club.


LynS said...

Is this photo ALL sock yarn??? I'm amazed (in a good way). How frequently are you planning to 'receive' your sock yarn?

jp said...

Yes! That is all sock yarn...Incredible...and crazy.

I have picked out 10 skeins (or pairs of skeins) Which I should have a photo up for later today.

I am thinking Monthly Feb - November.