Monday, January 26, 2009

Planning to put things in order

I am having the first of our at home days at the end of our holidays (weekends when everyone else are off don't count - mainly because we had visitors on and off all weekend!)

Today I have
  • Gotten up a little early and done some knitting - Icarus is coming along nicely.
  • Had a cuddle with the cat or did she have a cuddle with me (she has been very affectionate since we returned home)
  • Printed off my Stash listing from Ravelry in preparation for getting my stash in order.
  • Went out for coffee
  • Bought some ziplock bags in preparation for getting my stash in order
  • Bought some tissue paper (to set up my own Sock Club!) inspired by an idea that has been picked up by RoseRed, MissyFee and LynS to name but a few.
  • Bought some bobbins for my sewing machine as the ones I bought previously have all gone missing as part of the move.
  • Thought about six weeks or every second-month for my sock club timeframe.

I am still thinking about the best way to pull out all the stash and recatalogue it. I think I need to clean the dining room (the only room big enough to take on the task. It is really clean but needs some of the odd items that have been left on the dining room table to be returned to their rightful place.


LynS said...

Welcome to the 2009 Private Sock Club! Glad you've joined us. What's your first project?

jp said...

Still to be decided.
This will have to wait until after i sought out all my yarn tomorrow.