Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthdays, Knitting and Dust

Monday I grew a little bit older so Sunday night we had a few friends round for a small celebration. The original plan was a BBQ but dust and wind eventually put that idea to bed (the BBQ would not stay lit). We escaped to the cosy confines of the dining room and enjoyed BBQ fare finished in the oven/grill and some wine. The biggest hit was the decorate your own pavlova - always have at least one passionfruit per person...and flake bars for chocolate flakes is always popular.

I am a lucky lass and in addition to the (yet to be delivered) brand new purple laptop (yes he is well trained) I recieved some great earings from Polli (woven in blues and aquas) as well as a gift of the NSW hand weavers and spinners guild's beginner's spinning course.

Monday the family arrived and I was treated to a hand made photo frame with a pic of the family cat in "a box" another craft basket for projects and things and Transformers the game for the PS3 (no I haven't played it yet) and a beautiful Angel Face Rose bush.
The celebrations (small as they were) So knitting on the weekend between planning, cooking etc was not as prevalent as it usually is..I have finished the first of the Toe-Up Socks with contrast toe, heel and cuff and I have all but finished (1.5 squares to go) the squares for the cotton baby blanket.

The dust has slowed me down in the last day with the after affects being a sinus infection (ouch). It is on the mend and I will hopefully stop waking with searing headaches. Looking forward to a bit more knitting and some time to relax on the upcoming long weekend.


LynS said...

Happy birthday - somewhat belatedly! I sympathise with the sinus headache - me too, though I suspect not as bad as yours. Looking forward to seeing how you assemble the blanket squares (I love blanket squares!)

missfee said...

birthday to ewe

Rose Red said...

Purple computer! Very good! And Pavlova - yummo! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday!

...Mrs.P! said...

Happy Birthday! SOunds like you had a lovely day! And I just wanted to say thanks fr stopping by my blog!