Monday, September 14, 2009

Monogamous Knitting

Lately I have been a bit single project focused which is incredibly unusual for me. I normally switch between projects and happily knit on a few different projects.

The It Must Be Love Jumper and the Hearts and Flowers Socks are both languishing unloved in the project bag and the Shawl Flu has besieged my knitting mojo. I have managed to complete Aestlight, Ishbel and am now fully entangled in a return affair with Icarus.

I flirted with Icarus in January and February and even into March if i recall correctly (my memory is not what it once was). She was not complicated just big and my fingers itched for new and interesting yarn and patterns and she was quietly discarded. I actually think her simplicity for first chart was why we parted.

Come August she was liberated and quickly showed me that after the long term investment in the repetitive pattern she had a series of more complex ever evolving pattern sections (no repeats) to finish the dance.

I of course braved these sections without a net (lifeline) sweeping through the first pattern section and boldy striding through the second able to recover easily from a trip...until the second last row. Yes I know that is what lifelines are for to stop you having to undo huge amounts of lace.

So here I am undoing the last 4 or five rows of the middle lace section.
I am determined to finish her this week (although T is telling me to put her down for a bit, give my head some space). Yes i know I said the same thing last week! But I will finish her honest, or
I could just pick up those socks or the jumper again.

I really could just start something new, it's not like I am really being unfaithful.


missfee said...

ah life lines - I always forget these - and milkweed is now languishing and the bandit has a small mistake.

Take a moment either a minute, a day or a while longer then tackle it when you want.

LynS said...

Knitting is one of the few areas of life where being unfaithful has no costs - so, go ahead, have a fling if you want to! On the other hand, your Icarus is so beautiful that abandoning it could (almost) seem sinful.