Saturday, February 27, 2010

February Follies

February has been a month of finishing, starting, starting, starting and fooling about if the truth be told.

Knitting Wise I have managed to complete 2 pairs of socks (PSC) one that needs to have the cast on undone and cast off again (Note: do not cast off socks in the middle of tense olympic events). The Toy for the Easter show is all but done (Photos on completion). I have also spent a hell of a lot of time casting on and undoing Cedric the Celtic Dragon. For some reason I just cannot get the charts to not mess with my head. It is now frogged and waiting for some TLC

Stash Aquisitions have been limited to clubs (Knitabulous and Needlefood) and destash events (including some Purple Wollmeise and some Fleece Artist Lace - yet to arrive). The light is shocking today now that the rain has closed in so photos are a bit difficult.

To make up for the stash aquisition I may have been playing a litle with the spinning related aquisisions. First Up 2 drop spindles to see if I can make this spinning thing alittle more portable. They are Kevin Rhodes Spindles one is 29g the other 35g. They are just lovely. and I need to set about learning how to use them properly (a relatively blurry photo is shown above).

I have also (as a reaction to the shawl challenge) been spending some time completing the merino spin I started whilst I was on leave in January. Slack I know. The result which is about 220m is above on the left. Purple, Blue and Bronze.

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DrK said...

i have tried playing with drop spindles. i am hopeless. i know you will be great tho!