Monday, March 8, 2010

And We Danced

This weekend was spent spinning this gorgeous Angora merino Blend from ixchelbunny.
So Soft and such stunning colours I am truly delighted with the end result and cannot wait until I can knit it up. It is destined for a small shawl or scarf. It reminded me of Eighties colours so it has ended up being called And We Danced.

Below is the result of the previous spin in January/February. I used this 200g of Merino to play with my spinning techniques a little. The end result is fine and I have named it Copperhead Road. The streaks of copper are quite stunning.

On the knitting front I am a fair way into the back of the new Dusty Stars (Stardust) cardigan using some (Now unavailable) The Knittery Silky Merino 8 ply in Purple Nights. Photos when I get a chance. It is knitting quite quickly.


DrK said... a wave on the ocean, romanced... thanks for the earworm!! beautiful yarn though, and stardust, great choice!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Oh I love that combination of pink and aqua. It's stunning. What a lovely job you have done with it.