Monday, July 18, 2011

Stephen West Mystery Shawl KAL

I have been mentally searching my stash for the right yarn and really like the idea of the Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca Silk

Like my friend miss fee I have put together a few photos with each combination appearing twice!

The designers colours can be found here

Your thoughts - do any of them work? I must admit I love the madtosh in logwood, curiosity and flashdance ( no surprises)


LynS said...

I like the bottom combination - the one with the golden-brown colour. I don't know the Madtosh colour names so I'm not sure which is your preference - I imagine the one with the purple?

Rose Red said...

I like the one with the purple skein too (heh heh!). It just pops more than the other two, I think.

missfee said...

I like the middle combination - with the grey
yay for joining in here

jp said...

So far two votes purple one vote brown (which is a fabulous colour LynS I agree!)

Yes the madtosh is the purple trio stunning.

DrK said...

oh yes you should do the one with the flashdance, ive been wondering what you would do with that, and theres your opening! do it!!

1funkyknitwit said...

I like the gold and grey combo on the bottom, that looks pretty amazing and striking :)

Love all your spinning in the previous post, wow you have been spinning up a storm ! ..I've been a little slack this month with mine. Yours look really lovely Jody.