Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Please forgive my absence as well as being busy I have become a little obsessed.

I now have 2 versions of the Stephen West Mystery Shawl on the go and am absolutely obsessed with completing Clue 3 (in large) for both shawls before the next clue.

I have to get my act together with photos to share. Still navigating the multiple device thing.

Celebrating my other great obsession (film) I wanted to share a fabulous series kicking off tonight at the Art Gallery of NSW. Yes film at the art gallery and it's free!

The series is called Weimar to Hollywood in conjunction with the mad square: modernity in German art 1910-37 exhibition currently taking place. The series will demonstrate the decisive impact of German filmakers of the same period.

Highlights include ledgend Lousie Brooks in Pandora's box, Josef von Sternberg's The Blue Angel (Marlene Deitrich), Murnau's Nosferatu and completing with a fabulous series from Fritz Lang - Metropolis, M, Scarlet Street, The Big Heat and The Blue Gardenia.

Details at the AGNSW site here.

One of the great things about Sydney is there is a film festival on almost all the time. Possible Worlds (the Canadian Film Festival just finished on the weekend it opened with Score a Hockey musical with Olivia Newton-John). September sees the Sydney Underground Film Festival take place in Marrickville. Palace also host Israeli Film Festival next week and the Russian Resurrection Film Festial in September, The Lavazza Italian Film Festival in September, and a Poetry in Film Festival in October.

And of course the Chauvel in Sydney hosts the Cinemateque on a Monday night (I remember when it used to be weekends as well)- sob. Upcoming highlights include Yellow Submarie August 22nd and White Heat August 29th.

Film gems are everywhere in this town - even when we have lost many of the great repertory cinemas and a few of our Art Houses as well.

Anyway back to work and when time allows knitting and film watching.

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LynS said...

Two versions of the mystery shawl? That is, indeed, obsessive (but interestingly so).