Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Power of Knitting with Friends

This morning I joined Fee, Sue, Alison, her mum Annette and a couple of hundred or thousand of Sydney's knitters at the ABC Knit-in.

There was lots of activity including thousands of squares for wrap with love and a giant green and gold scarf for the Wallabies vs All Blacks Game.

Fee was interviewed about her fabulous groovy/funky knitting and spoke brilliantly.

I wanted to touch on one of her points briefly. I belong formally and informally to a number of knitting groups. The Knitters Guild NSW Inc, Morris & Sons Thursday Night S ' n' B (who decamp to the pub afterwards to continue the knitting) the most regular. These groups both formal and informal have educated me, informed me, entertained me and made me laugh.

From colour to technique being with this diverse and talented group of knitters has inspired me to stretch my knitting taking on a more complex and challenging series of projects. A culture of generosity exists - phrases like you can do it, it just takes practice are common, as is one knitter showing another a technique or skill they have learned.

A group who accepts my obsessions (both fibre and textile) and allows me to be and learn.
The energy I get from these meetings is amazing - lifting me on a dull day and inspiring me further on a great one.

Thanks Knitters.


Rose Red said...

Couldn't agree more!

LynS said...

I agree, Jody. I love catching up with other knitters and just being able to obsess for a while without feeling odd or out of place. I too have been encouraged or supported in knitting things I wouldn't otherwise have attempted and love all the inspiration of seeing others' yarn and knitting.

1funkyknitwit said...

A huge applause ! - I couldn't agree more ! :D
I too love to catch up with you and the rest of the clan, great vibe indeed :)
Sadly I missed Fee's interview but I heard she sounded really well and was a great plug for the knitting community.

Yoga Knitdra said...

Absolutely, its the creative intelligence in this group that I love so much.

Yarna said...

Wasn't it a lovely morning? And I agree - knitters are the most generous of people! So generous with advice and encouragement and time. That generosity of spirit was clearly demonstrated yesterday but I think that we see it on a daily basis in our groups and in Ravelry.