Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sydney Film Festival 2013

Long time no post right?

It's that time again Sydney Film Festival. This time I have switched my handicap from being 8 months pregnant to working and having a 10 and a half month old! Lack of sleep is going to be a challenge.

I am trying to see a good proportion of my subscription this year. I am hoping a well timed rest day or two will be restorative. Items in brackets are films in my subscription I am missing.

So the plan

The Act of Killing
The Way Way Back

(Stoker - not seeing)

The Spirit of '45  - directed by Ken Loach
The Rocket
Before Midnight - Richard Linklater revisits Jesse and Celine (yay!!)

Midnight's Children
Broken Circle Breakdown
Prince Avalanche

For Those in Peril
Child's Pose

(Monsoon Shootout)

(Oh Boy) 
(Mood Indigo)

The Look of Love

Stories We Tell
Frances Ha

Upstream Colour
Breathe In
Only God Forgives
The Past

Thanks For Sharing

So 24 of the 30 available in the subscription. Once upon a time totally achievable for me. Now potentially ridiculously ambitious.

Watch this space!


Rose Red said...

Think of The Mink! The Mink!

LynS said...

Are you posting reviews? I'm dithering about whether or not to do the reviews this year.