Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back for 2015

So here we are a long time since I last posted.

Looking at trying to get some goals in place for 2015 and thought this would be a good way to get myself thinking.

Some as yet unformed ideas that are being reviewed as goals

  • Knit without deadlines or if knitting to a deadline make it something I have never done before (Easter show entry is a case in point - Shhh) 
  • Knit for family and friends and knit from stash
  • Sew way more
  • Set reading goals - I have taken on BringupBurns 26 Books in 2015 Challenge and set up a GoodReads Shelf to collect books and have identified where i can borrow them from (Rather than buy them!) and also set up a Reading Challenge in GoodReads Too!
  • Looked at some way of reorganising my goals and thought i would give This Workbook from Leonie Dawson - and try to keep on track (I particularly like her philosophy of using the pieces that work!)
  • Started a working group to get a few of us working on Conference Papers (Based on people with shared interests and areas of expertise) and gaining valuable professional experience. 
  • Maintain a trusted based on connections Women in Technology Network (and having a monthly catch up)
  • More effort in maintaining regular contact with friends 
  • Continued and increased  quality time with family 
  • Almost forgot some spinning too
Looking forward to confirming and setting up some goals and tracking them publicly

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