Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cosy's and Elephants

I have made no progress on the SSS knitting whilst I have been knitting up this Tea Cosy for my Ravelry swap pal -it looks just stunning in the red, black and white but is quite simple to pull together. Simple, that is, if you are not watching an election at the sametime.

I had to undo three stripes due to a dropped stitch on Sunday morning (it was in a black stripe) as well as joining in the wrong colour at least three times and having to undo it on Saturday night. But eventually it finished up quickly.

The Toy Bag, however has completed nicely, at least the main piece. The colours look fab - especially the Light Teal (aqua blue), Marine (dark blue) and Mango (orange). I am now weaving in ends and sewing up the main part of the bag.

I also need to knit up 2 x 100cm icords which shouldn't take long in the heather (pink). It looks very very cute and I can't wait to see it all made up.

On other knitting news I have ordered more yarn. I can feel th shock now! I finally succumbed to the Raven series from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - but included some silk for a shawl. It isn't just sock yarn (I did get some of that too though). The delivery is taking it's time due to the huge order that they recieved.

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