Thursday, November 1, 2007

FO Hand Dyed Hand Knitted

Finished the hand-dyed hand knitted in plain stocking stitch for dh.
He loves the colorway (which he picked from the batch of hand-dyed yarns.
I began to be concerned I would not have enought yarn to complete the socks about half-way through the first sock and knitted the second sock slowly (I think in attempt to make the yarn go further - not consciously!).
Anyway I have about 75cm of the yarn left after extending the second sock by about 4 rows to ensure that it wasn't as tight as the first on dh foot. I then unravelled the toe of the first sock and reknit the extra few rows and the toe.
The colourway has knitted up beautifully!!
I also cast on,knit 12 rows, and completely frogged a yellow hand-dyed pair of mock cable socks for O (Again picked colourway from the hand-dyed and picked pattern from the 25 Favourite socks).

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