Monday, January 14, 2008

Bag lady Swap Frenzy + Noropups in limbo

I have been busy with the logistics of getting the Bag-Lady swap (Ravelry Aussie Knitters) up and running. It has been challenging and we have had a few headaches and I am actually genuinely suprised that we have had very few personality issues - but nothing runs 100% smoothly and the odd hiccup is to be expected. It's good when you have a partner-in-crime to help sought it through.

I have started my bag which should be fine over here as, in theory, only my swap pal should wander over here for a proper look (Or have I)....and anyways it doesn't look much in bits. When I get to the finished object I will only flash just a corner.

It does look a little scary in pieces doesn't it?

My plan is to knit a couple of bags over the next 2 months so that I have a few to look at but no-one knows which is the realy bag-lady swap bag. I will flash bits of the bags...but not the whole thing. It will amuse me at least.

My poor noropups (as everyone has christened them have been a little neglected waiting commencement of the heel (soon my little friends).

I am off work with big plans of knitting and sewing and spent nearly 3 hours in spotlight at auburn yesterday (most of it in queues waiting to be served).

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