Saturday, January 5, 2008

Noro & Little Guys

I've finished the Little guys in a lovely Purple and Teal colourway from The Knittery.

I had a minor allergic reaction to something we had for breakfast yesterday (probably strawberry residue in whatever they made my smoothie in) that made me decidedly uncomfortable for most of the day. I was determined to finish these though and they took most of the day and evening. The telfast made me twice as vague and awkward as the allergic reaction but eventually all calmed down.

I can't wait until the neice picks them up - she is going to love them.

And now I move on to the NORO what a magic set of colours. Winding it i did notice it is very hard and the yarn itself is spun quite unevenly with lots of slubby bits through it...but the colours make up for everything.

When first we recieved them the colourways (this is 40 by the way) looked so different. But as I was winding them I noticed similar colours as Bex ( ball. It will be interesting to check out the different finished products.


Jan said...

I love Noro colourways but find the wool very unpleasant to knit with. hard, scratchy, uneven. It makes the arthritis flare in my fingers. Oone of the reasons I knit is to provide exercise to keep aches and pains down. So it's self defeating. A shame, because the colours are gorgeous.

jp said...

I had someone tell me to try soft cotton gloves (the really tight ones) to remove some of the roughness of a handspun once - I've never tried it but thought it was an interesting idea.

The sock yarn is not too scractchy...yet. I've done about 10 rows.