Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Much to Do (And Not Enough Time)

I officially have too many projects on the go.
I have started many projects but finished very few so far.

7 pairs of socks on the go 1 each of 2 pairs complete, 3 in progress 1 to start to complete a pair.
I have managed to start and finish the sweater sampler over the long-weekend.

I have started 3 (Count 'em 3) bags to confuse the bag-swap participants...and for my own insanity. I also have a cotton top and a cardigan on the go.

Where does that leave me - playing Playstation Lego Star Wars (The Original Series) as the TV is awful..and I usually knit in front of the TV.

I must just decide to finish a few....but I can't seem to settle.
Maybe February will bring some sanity.


zephyrama said...

I've started at No 1 of the West Wing just so I do some knitting. Get stuck into the DVS gal.

jp said...

Ok...If you start me on the West Wing I will watch the entire series seasons 1 - 7 in 2 weeks.