Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deadline Project 40th

What to get someone with absolutely everything for their 40th.
Two things have occured to me
1. A book with 100 studs and stallions of the 70's and 80's.. Remember those imported teen magazines from the US Seventeen...Tiger Beat (that could be from the UK)...Imagine pictures of Eric Estrada, David Hasselhoff, Rob Lowe (When he was very very young)...and you kinda have it...gave my work colleagues and I a great laugh.
2. Knitted Dolls (using knitted icons) - Every woman should have some Madonna, Some Marilyn, Some Audrey and Some Kate (Hepburn) in their how about some doll mojo!
My deadline project is to knit Madonna (At least) and Marilyn, Audrey and Kate by Saturday night for the 40th. She has everything else I tell you....
It is knitting very fast.
Other knitting news involves me making a complete Second Bag for the Bag Swap in case my rescue of bag 1 is unsuccessful. News after the mailout!!!

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