Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dark Ivy, Madonna and the Bag Swap

Dark Ivy
Firstly Here is the back of the Ivy Cardigan from Knitty. It's a wrap around cardigan done in 8 ply. I (surprise surprise) am knitting it up in Bendigo Woollen Mills in a dark Purple Shade (Classic - Plum). It is done on very small needles...but is knitting up beautifully I really like the pattern and did I mention I like the colour

Madonna is done. She is so cute and the microphone works really really well. She was recieved greatfully and with much amusement. A perfect gift for a 40th birthday (when the recipient has everything).

Bag Swap is all done. I have assembled most of the goodies with just a handful to grab on Tuesday. I also have a second one to on post...but it is wrapped so I haven't seen inside it.

I am really happy with this and if you can get a close look you can see the buttons really finish it. Along with the ladybird matterial I have to line it.

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