Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gloves, Gloves and other bits

It's been a season of fingerless gloves.
The pair I made for O for her birthday are so popular they never get to rest (or be washed) I decided to use the yarn from the ballet wrap to knit her up an extra pair.

I ended up starting them in the wrong colour. So i finished them (they might go to my swap pal..or i might knit them up another pair or two...these are basics that fit snugly. I might make up a patterned pair or two later....).

Other knitting has been mainly Dark ivy in small patches. I am getting used to a slightly different commute and Real Estate issues have meant not too much knitting at home.

Intention for winter...More gloves and finishing Ivy and a few other things.

Just for the record the new BMFA package arrived and it is im my all time favourite colour. I love it!!!!!!!!!

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