Monday, May 19, 2008

Knitting in Fits and Starts my knitting has been a little interrupted lately.

Since last I posted I have
  • Knitted another sqaure on the baby Blanket in 8 ply cotton (a lovely dark-ish green shade)
  • Knitted a pair of mittens in the same blue as the scarf and added tassles to the blue scarf
  • Knitted and completed one side of Dark Ivy and commenced the other almost completing the twisted rib at the base.
  • It has all been quite disjointed and the photos have been few and far between.

This matches with our social life which has been a bit of a crazy whirl as well.

  • Birthday parties for 2 year olds
  • Weddings for lifelong friends

And my work life

  • More interviews
  • More Travel to and from Brisvegas without knitting!

On the knitting front all the birthday presents have been recieved graciously with the scarf and mittnes scoring big time. Alas no photos...but my niece has apparently worn them all day when she went to see her grandparents.

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