Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthdays are best spent...

With friends - laughing, drinking, eating and relaxing.
And that is exactly what i did!

Lunch, drinks and some sticky date at the local pub with beer garden.
Morphing into an evening with Dr Who and my mum..and was a day of love and laughter...just what the doctor ordered.

Dh gave me a Wii (which he and O have spent the first day of the school hols playing whilst I am at work), a new compact digital camera and a great hat in purple (my colour!)

Lots of wine, some scented candles and the odd gift voucher...and I am just happy to spend some time with family and friends.

Bonus Birthday present was the new Rockin' Sock Club yarn ..Tide pooling that looks pretty great.


LynS said...

A late happy birthday to you! Sounds like a rather wonderful day.

jp said...

It was....hope you had a fabulous sunday as well lyn!