Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitting in Spring & Summer..oh and some WIP Update

As the weather turns warm and then a little warmer knitting big cardigans in thick wool is becoming not so much fun.

Luckily, I have finished all the knitting for My February Lady Sweater. I just need to buy some buttons. Tomorrow I will head to All buttons Great and Small to find the perfect match.
I will have to Block

Weather permitting I should get to finish Dark ivy in the next few days...all the knitting bar the neck extension at the back is done..its the sewing up in warm weather I am avoiding.

And the Chocolate Anya still needs blocking (I know I am slack).

As the weater has warmed Tulip has been liberated and I am also swatching for a Gabrielle by Sarah Dallas. Roll on Summer for cotton knits and colours both pale and bold!

I have been trawling Ravelry for the best in Summer knitting and have queued many a summer top! So my knitting appetite is inspired.

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