Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Joy of Opening Packages

This week I got a couple of packages to open.

First up was some stitch markers for some awards within one of the Ravelry Groups (Over The Fence). They are adorable being Corkscrews and wine bottles and a couple of suns. I just can't seem to take a photo without them glaring and blurring.

After that was a book about Successful Teams for work (not so exciting...but another package nonetheless).

This was quickly followed by the new Interweave knits magazine and some Jolly Jumbuck Hercules Sock Yarn in French Lavendar which I managed to secure in a destash within the Australian Knitters group on Ravelry. This is a competitive sport with a lot of the yarn going within minutes of it going up. This yarn is incredibly yummy and the colourway which wanders through purple shades from pink to blue-grey is stunning.

Last, but not least, this morning I got to unwrap the Personal sock Club Package 2 and found some lovely Handmaiden Sea Silk to knit up in a Blue-Green (Nova Scotia) colourway. The texture, colour and the smell of the mordants from the dye process have invoked feelings of the seaside in winter. That experience of strength cocooned in softness.

I love the feel you get when openeing a package it's new and exciting (even when I wrapped it myself ) the anticipation the texture and the smell (be it books or yarn) is a very sensory experience. I think for me it is the sense of being in the moment not distracted, not torn but being totally in the moment you are in to take note of those layers within the experience.

So often our attention is split, distracted still caught up in what came before and what is coming next. The nature of my work is juggling lots of things at once and being attentive to the many people around me. At home multiple family members and pets can split your attention all the time. It is so easy to forget to savour a moment and let it hold your attention for a while. This is what opening packages reminds me to do to let the important things like individual family members hold my attention (undistracted) for a while - give them there moments!

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Rose Red said...

I love your description of savouring the moment of unwrapping something - that is very true. Lovely yarn - have you decided on a pattern yet?

And your Ivy looks great! I really like that pattern.